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Terrible guilt about mom’s in nursing homes
“According to state data, as of Thursday there were 12,677 resident cases of COVID-19 in addition to 1,922 cases among employees for a total of 14,599 cases at 549 individual locations across 44 counties.

Such facilities accounted for more than two-thirds of all deaths — 2,896 out of 4,218 — statewide.“

This really is a disease that kills the elderly where more people over 85 die Than under 60.
36-40, F
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May 23, 2020
Good God. Which state was this?
AnneHoney · 36-40, F
Pennsylvania where the[@573853,DukeOfEarle] Sect of Health pulled her mom from a facility before virus victims were sent in. Yes like Cuomo she is a DemocRat.
Ah yes...the bloated Dana Carvey bitch. I’m sure someone will fix her clock [@557376,AnneHoney]
MrBrownstone · 41-45, M
Cuomo forced nursing homes to take Coronavirus patients.
SweetMae · 61-69, F
[@1149,MrBrownstone] It isn't safe to grow old anymore.
Of course not. He’s trying to cover his own ass. If there is a Hell he will certainly burn there for all eternity. [@1149,MrBrownstone]
MrBrownstone · 41-45, M
[@10109,SweetMae] It depends on who is in charge.
SweetMae · 61-69, F
I am so sorry! I pray your mother will be okay.
4meAndyou · F
This is mishandling by state governors, mishandling of nursing homes, mishandling of state regulation of nursing homes, and the mishandling of covid19 in filthy settings. Covid19 was so contagious when first brought here it was studied in a level 4 Ebola facility in Nebraska. And some state politician...some chooch...just decided nursing homes could deal with it.

Here is how most states handle nursing home regulation:

There is NO state oversight for most... state department of health inspections are announced far enough in advance so that they can clean up for that one day...and nursing home owners have no interest in anything but the money they can collect from residents. All employees are warned of an inspection, and they tippytoe around for that one day on their best behavior.

I had a friend staying at a Rehab facility, recovering from chemo and radiation and pneumonia, sharing a toilet and shower with FOUR men. He said the bathroom floor was so filthy it was covered with sticky dried urine, and he had to throw his moccasins away when he left.

They moved him to a supposedly "cleaner" facility, (Care One in Brighton, Massachusetts), and they put him in the same room with a man with diarrhea, and he caught the C. Difficile bacteria there...and then almost the whole place came down with it. He said he rang and rang for someone to come and clean the poo off the shared toilet seat, and he finally had to do it himself without cleaning supplies.

He caught a CNA coming out of the bathroom so fast she could NOT have washed her hands...and when she noticed him watching her she dashed back in and washed her hands. The janitor in this same facility was sent by the nurse to collect a stool sample AFTER my friend became ill, and he collected the sample and then just left the rest of it lying on top of the open trash container in the bathroom.

My friend said he drank a cup of coffee when he was there, and found a dried up half eaten prune in the bottom of the cup...AFTER he drank almost all of it.

Nursing home janitors and CNAs are incompetent at cleaning up the bathrooms, they don't wash their hands, they don't wear gloves even when they have them, and most of the staff can't be trained properly because they don't speak English...but they will work for very low wages.

THAT was before Covid19...and if you imagine anything has hasn't. They are not capable of keeping things clean in such settings, and completely incompetent to care for patients with such a highly infectious virus.

So if, after this, we do NOT regulate nursing homes and inspect them randomly, unannounced, and provide them with DETAILED state requirements, we will have failed as human beings and as caregivers for our own family members who may eventually live in such places.

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