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I Am So Annoyed

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Babysitting for a 5 year old today and turns out his sisters, 13 and 15,are also here from being suspended from school. Wasn't told they were here and had to deal with their mom telling me she won't pay for them even tho I'm legally liable for them as minors If they do something illegal or get hurt. Won that arguement and I got payment upfront. soooo....

The boy is adorable and well behaved to a point. His sisters come in the room and call him the most vile names,and each other as well,then he calls them names back. A 5 year old yelling stuff you wouldn't want to hear from a meth head is VERY unsettling.

Then one of his sisters sat down at the kitchen table and started blazing up right there. I don't care if people want to fry their mind but I don't need to smell like that and the kid doesn't need it in his lungs. So I ask her to take it to her room so I don't have my next job smell pot on me. She roundly told me to F myself and she'll do what she wants. I tried to reason with her and she got worse. So called her mom,explained everything and her mother's response was what was she supposed to do? she's 13 and does what she wants. So I was quick to tell her I'm going to finish my job and wouldn't be willing to work with her again,quite politely ar that, and I learned exactly where her kids get their mouth and attitude from.

I'm never working for anyone without good reputations again. I've had enough of this.
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May 8, 2018
Edited: 1 yr ago
SW User
Wow. What a nightmare.
[@5303,ScabbyHeart] yep,gunna and have to. Part of being contracted by childcare aid and welfare is mandatory reporting.
ScabbyHeart · 41-45, M
[@533506,EllaDisenchanted] lol stupid mother ... shes in deep shit but get he feeling she may have been there before...
[@5303,ScabbyHeart] Me too. And her not telling me there are two kids under 18 is a huge fraud issue because she never claimed them on the aid paperwork and one being over 14 means that the kid can legally be babysat by her and I'm not needed.
SW User
You need to tell the mother about the situation, if the Mother doesn't give a Rat's Ass, then don't babysit there again.

Sounds like one of the sisters is a spoil rotten piece of crap from her cool friends shlts out
[@17535,GoMilkMeARiver4MyNipplesFloat] Oh,she knows and doesn't care. I supplement my usually nannying and tutoring by doing sitting through gov't childcare program so I have some recourse,but it means I can't reject someone unless I have at least one initial visit. I wanted to be all "oh,people that need help with a hand up" but what it really is are trash parents raising trash kids.
MrsPeterEvans · 26-30, F
That's awful. That girl needed discipline
[@330452,MrsPeterEvans] They seriously do
MrsPeterEvans · 26-30, F
[@533506,EllaDisenchanted] I would have been over my father's knee
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I Am So Annoyed
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