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I Respect The Special Needs

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One Mother's honesty was staggering. She writes...

"I'm in a similar situation with a now 23 year old with severe CP and a host of other Special Needs. The family on both sides has completely isolated us. My Husband blames me for ruining our lives. I'm about to be 60. I have no idea what to do about a Special Needs trust because no one wants the responsibility. My Husband threatens to leave if I get emotional. There is no talking, just head phones, blogs, books, on tape and then he goes to bed. I never sleep. I'm an anxious wreck. There's no catching up on any front. I have no friends. I work 40 hours a week and then do all the house Work, laundry repairs landscaping you name it. Sometimes I think I'm going to go crazy. My Son makes those noises too. He's lonely. He has no friends. My heart is broken for him but I can't round my circles fast enough to figure out what to do for and with him. I sleep from 3;30 am to 7:30 am. That's if I'm lucky. Thank you. Thanks again. I spent the last 5 hours crying. I googled why can't I stop crying and this page came up. I'm sorry for everyone else's problems and fears. I truly understand"...

Autism has been described by some Special Needs Parents as being a Curse instead of seeing the blessing of Autism. They wouldn't wish this on their enemy and if they could go back and have not had this child in the first place, they wouldn't. The exhaustion is there, the isolation is very real, and the future is frightful. I really get it even though I'm not in any of these kind of situations at all. I don't have a family nor those kninds of responsibilities. I've read a lot about the Parenting and Financial strain of Special Needs Children. But of course Parents love their children to the ends of the Earth and would do anything for them, at the end of the day, that's what really counts, I guess.
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May 15, 2019
kahne2013 · M
[@854020,awesomusmaximus] working with people with developmental disabilities I really understand everything you said and I completely get it.
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I Respect The Special Needs
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One Mother's honesty was staggering. She writ... | I Respect The Special Needs | Similar Worlds