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I Want to Improve the Experience Project

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EP has taken a step in the right direction by increasing the opacity between estranged EPpers through blocking (I notice that when I block someone, not only are his posts not visible in most feeds [questions excepted] but I don't see his comments in posts either) so now their next step should be group blocking. Even though blocking means that I only have to endure such a person once, once is too much when there are just so many unpleasant people around here! It would be great if I could borrow from the wisdom of other like-minded EPpers and have these people blocked before I have to deal w/them!
What's one of the biggest problems with bad apples on EP? That's right: 55-60 Ms sending lewd messages to 13-15 Fs. Well, if 13-15 Fs got together and formed a block group, then as soon as one of these poor girls got one of these, she could as least take comfort in the thought that she has spared some of her peers the same experience, by adding him to a group block.
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Apr 13, 2015
did you know that you can mute both groups and people? :D Just click on the little tab in the right hand corner of snipits (on your home feed) and you'll see the option. This will be the same on mobile within the next 2 weeks.

Also, we already have blocks in place that prevent 'mature adults' from messaging or becoming friends with anyone under 18. :)
You don't understand. I'm not talking about predictive blocking by EP. I'm talking about sharing block lists among EPpers. For instance, someone might come to me and say "I noticed that I don't want to hear from a lot of the people that you block. Can I incorporate your block list into mine, so that whenever you block someone, I have him automatically blocked, too?"
Interesting idea! Thanks
I think invisibility of people we have blocked should be optional, not automatic.

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I Want to Improve the Experience Project
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