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I Have Kidney Stones

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I got kidney stones. I was up all night last night till about 6 a.m. . My right testicle seized up. Worst pain in North America. I try to drink water vomiting it up. Called out of work today. The pain is gone, but I still didn't pass the stone. This is killing me...
46-50, M
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Feb 6, 2018
Edited: 1 yr ago
MrBrownstone · 41-45, M
Piss them out?
ouchies :(
lou502008 · 61-69, M
testicles have nothing to do with passing kidney stones
Prisoner1972 · 46-50, M
[@329993,lou502008] tell that to these nuts
[@329993,lou502008] they do... The stones get stuck in the vas deferenes which blocks flow and may swell
Oh man, I've had a half dozen. So sorry you're going through that. It's the worst.
Vivaci · F
Drink lots of water...avoid cheezy food.
Phosphoric acid is known to break them stones up and release them from the kidneys and bladder walls and urinary track. If ur not diabetic, drink a 2 liter of coke within an hour... Ull flush that shit out at night... !
Prisoner1972 · 46-50, M
I haven't been able to do shit today. My body and mind are totally drained after feeling this amount of pain. Even though the pain is gone I can't do anything right now. Shutting off my phone and going to bed
[@484846,Prisoner1972] That kind of pain is physically stressing. Bed sounds like a good idea. So glad it's over for you. You might avoid having any more stones by drinking distilled or reverse osmosis water. You can either use a filter, or be a filter.
SumitaSarkar · 46-50, F
Me too
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I Have Kidney Stones
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