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I Am Into Natural Health

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I'm not at all against modern (for want of a better word) medicine. It saves almost countless lives and those people who, for instance, refuse to vaccinate their children are IMO guilty of the most wretched kind of child abuse (both of their own kids, and everybody else's). If someone have a headache, no one should feel they can't have pain relief

But at the same time it's amazing how much Mother Nature provides us to look after ourselves anyway. For a start, how many 'modern' remedies actually come from the natural world to start with? Most famously quinine which is derived from the bark of the cinchona tree, or penicillin, which comes from a fungus. Or a huge number of herbs or other plant-based things which have all kinds of beneficial effects from relieving period pains to having antiseptic properties.

So many of us live in cities (me included) and we don't have the opportunity to wander into a meadow and pick the right leaves or flowers for whatever remedy we're after

But I think it's beneficial for all of us at least to have a little understanding of how we as human beings interact with and rely on the world around us (just as much as I think while we don't all need to raise our own livestock or crops, we ought at least to have a good awareness of where food comes from!).

And looking after the world around us, and looking after ourselves with wholesome food and good exercise - is natural health all of itself :)
31-35, F
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Apr 13, 2019
polyandrym66 · 70-79, M
WOW. Wonderfully stated. Who could disagree with you about this. You are SO right..
What kind of tea do you drink in the mornings?
polyandrym66 · 70-79, M
[@903448,LiteralElite] WOW, a wealth of knowledge.. Thanks.. I am in the process of switching from coffee to teas..
Mostly green and white teas with peppermint or spearmint added.
Ginger only if I have indigestion. chamomile for before bed..
I use stevia as a sweetener instead of honey or sugar.

I buy loose teas from an Amish grocery store..
LiteralElite · 31-35, F
[@1473,polyandrym66] honey is a great natural flavour/sweetener too... don't be afraid to use it!
polyandrym66 · 70-79, M
[@903448,LiteralElite] Thanks.. too many calories for me.. I drink several cups a day..
Peaceful · F
You realize that people who stop vaccinating had a child have a serious reaction like anaphylaxis, seizures or death?
Peaceful · F
[@903448,LiteralElite] ok. So you are saying ignore vaccine injuries and death that vaers has paid out since the late 80's when we could no longer sue the pharmaceutical companies and you are ok with products that aren't held accountable? 🤔
Got it.
LiteralElite · 31-35, F
[@21448,Peaceful] I'm just saying that measles is worse
Peaceful · F
[@903448,LiteralElite] then you know nothing about measles. Measles is worse than death? Research this childhood illness that all our grandparents got and stop believing the Pharma propaganda.
So are you for vaccinations or against them ? I’m not sure of your point. 🤔
LiteralElite · 31-35, F
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] oh I'm for them.
[@903448,LiteralElite] Okay, cool.

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