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[b[u]]2019 Champions League quarter-final draw[/b][/u]

[b]Ajax v Juventus[/b]
[b]Liverpool v Porto[/b]
[b]Tottenham v Manchester City[/b]
[b]Barcelona v Manchester United[/b]
51-55, M
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Mar 15, 2019
Edited: 2 mths ago
We got Man City 馃槷
England6661-69, M
[@406205,Babylon] it will be hard for Spurs but I hope they do it
Picklebobble251-55, M
[@629865,Phantom] Well. The Spurs manager likes to play the same 15/16 players week in, week out, for consistency.

Absolute madness when you consider those same players had no break from last season, then the World Cup, then pre-season, now this one.

I'm a Spurs fan and while i get what he's trying to do, it's not like we're thrashing teams 3/4-0 every week as a result of this kind of thinking is it ?

And we've more than enough in the bank DESPITE the new stadium build !
Three seasons running and no new player expenditure.
Starting to frustrate a lot of fans !

Especially since we know Eriksen and Alderweirald will be off at the end of the season, and one or two others who are probably at the peak of their sale value !
[@448576,Picklebobble2] yeah that's not Pochettinos fault though. I'm sure he'd love to be bringing new players in
England6661-69, M
That's an interesting draw four good games there
Robertoduran61-69, M
Look at all the English teams !!
England6661-69, M
[@821981,Robertoduran] yep and hopefully one could go on to win it
4 english teams in the quarterfinals...
England6661-69, M
[@433936,Marceline] and hopefully one might win it
monte361-69, M
4 English teams and only one Spanish? Wow that has to go against the betting line.
Picklebobble251-55, M
[@744413,monte3] No German presence i think is the real surprise !
monte361-69, M
Good point. [@448576,Picklebobble2]
monte361-69, M
Final four? Juventus, Liverpool, Man City And Barca?
England6661-69, M
[@744413,monte3] I would agree with that
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