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I Think It Is Time For The Truth

I am not sure who I am anymore. Emotionally unstable? Hurt beyond the point of happiness? A victim of terrible friends? I only have 2 true friends in my little town that know exactly what I’ve gone through and they treat me just like they do family and who support me as me being myself but they are the only ones as well who know that I’m gay. They are better friends than the friend I’ve had for 14 years. They are so much like me it is strange yet it feels so right.
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You have two friends that know who the real you is, I'm taking it, that is a good number for a small town I think. Holding all that's bottled up inside you for this long will take a toll on you, what do you think your family would say if you told them your gay? Some parents know it before they are even told and have had time to deal with it inside there heads and are fine with it. Taking off a little bit of stress. I know it would be hard coming out, it isn't every as easy as a sitcom TV show. Find ways to reduce your stress or its going to drive you bananas,
With love and best wishes
And have a most wonderful new year
LifeHurts66 · 18-21, M
Oh my god thank you. That made me really happy. Though my parents are extreme Christians they will not accept. But when you talked about how it will take a toll on me, I’m afraid that has already happened. One day it got so bad for me I had a major anxiety attack and another one shortly after. But I have not yet told my family the real reason for the attacks because I know I will be yelled at and lectured about how their god made me to be. In my little hometown there are less than 32,000 people living in it.[@14922,Footsugar123]
That many people? There's only 3300 where I live. You know if there Christians they shouldn't judge you and they should love you anyways and if they don't then you know, yes they will talk to you until there blue in the face but you in turn have to explain why you feel the way you do, they won't understand unless you tell them how you feel. I think you live in a town big enough you won't be the topic of conversation for everyone, my town yeah every body knows every body lol 😁. When you feel like you are getting some anxiety stepping away from the trigger helps a good bit. Have your parents ever bad mouthed gay people, like going down the road or in a shopping center, you know like look at those two there going to hell for sure or something like that. That would be a good indicator on how they feel about homosexuality in general, I will say I wasn't happy until I became who I was hiding from, I wish you all the best in the world and if you need a ear to listen I am a good listener and talker to from the size of this message lol 😁
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I Think It Is Time For The Truth
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