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Instagram influencers

There is this lady on Instagram. Every day, literally, she needs some video content to put onto her profile talking about how happy she is with everything, how she has all these life hacks and has her own business (affiliate marketing holidays) and how she wants to help you improve every aspect of your life because she's so independent and driven etc.

Yet over the of the last couple of months this has happened:

"I'm going to lose weight, look here's a picture of me doing pressups"

*couple days later* "this is why you should accept your body the way it is"

*couple of months later* "I love my curves but it's unhealthy so I'm going to go to the gym"

*few days later* "having a lot of weight is fine, we just went through a pandemic"

We all went through lockdown. With all the free time, my partner did lots of exercise and had home cooked meals. He lost loads of weight. I don't see the validity of the excuse there.

Next it will be "Now the pandemic is over, we need several months of making up for the pandemic not being able to eat out, so don't worry about being gluttonous!" Then a couple of months later "This is the first christmas after lockdown, you can afford to keep that belly being able to have all those christmas meals with your family for the first time!"

It's a sorry sight in my eyes, but unfortunately it seems that if you are on the internet and have a vagina, you will have no shortage of men pretending everything you do is perfection, even if you aren't the most attractive. And then you never self reflect and improve, especially when every post you make is geared in a way to make any sort of constructive criticism seem like some sort of nastiness.

People want attention on their social media every day. But by very nature of something being amazing enough to gain attention, it can't be something you are achieve in a day. If it were that easy, it would not merit attention, everyone could do it. This desperation got so strong in this person in question, that they posted a "life hack" video pointing out that you can put a self timer on your phone camera. I've never been able to use a phone camera without learning that this can be done, it's so fundamental.
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QueenandCrown · 36-40, F
I eventually got off social media, because the main people who posted regularly, I couldn't care less what they had to say. And the ones I did follow/liked, rarely posted.
lynncelestial · 26-30, F
[@484541,QueenandCrown] Yes, I found that it was always the same couple of people always posting the same kind of stuff. And if you ever disagreed with them, they'd mock and harass you. Which in my mind defeats the point of posting. Also *couldn't care less. If it is possible to care less about something, then you must care about it to some degree. If you really have 0 care for something, then you couldn't care less because it's already at 0. :)
Some people take/make the career of being a human billboard for the system and this lady did it too, apparantly.

If you could talk to her kids you'd probably get a more rounded out pic.

Feels like a "defense" against reality itself. The corporate world is the same on most levels. And some people swallow it wholesale and spew it back...I've seen these types too. I'm sure they are just perfect in everything else they try as well, mountain climbing, ace-ing every test they ever took, always saying the right PC thing to anyone.

I'd like to ask her here few questions though ;=)

Especially questions about history, about how the corporate world took over the real one, the Big Disease and the NWO and...racism.

lynncelestial · 26-30, F
[@1118414,SoapOperaglasses] Oh it is absolutely a defence against reality. Especially when she's simultaneously saying "I love my 'curves'" and then immediately "but it's unhealthy so I'm going to go to the gym". It's like saying "I love my yellow teeth from smoking, but they aren't nice so I'm getting them whitened".

She doesn't have kids.

Yes I see what you are saying about them apparently being perfect in everything, definitely seen those types. But at least they are trying. With the people I see, like the example, in another post they've quite literally stated "just checking emails 'emotionally' exhausted me so i need a coffee to function". Which is absolutely pathetic, admitting to such an inability to do such basic things, and then selling it as a positive so great that you need to learn from them. My partner has many health conditions, a lot of the basics we take for granted he has to work on overdrive to do. But he just does it and has actually developed strengths to a level way higher than average, in the areas he is interested in. But he just gets on it with it. He provides examples of his work online as means to bring in students, but other than that, he gets on with it.
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
Instagram sucks.
Magenta · F
This type of delusional SM thing makes me blech and gives me a headache. Instagram is ripe for this behavior and probably why I almost never go there.
Strongtea · 18-21, M
I would like to be an influencer though, I study fashion so I may do something like that.
lynncelestial · 26-30, F
[@1162798,Strongtea] You'd be wasting your time. You could put years into your craft and get just a couple of views, then some lady simply takes off her shirt and she gets 100,000 views and then says "I'm a fashion designer".
Strongtea · 18-21, M
Yes maybe your’e right, it does look fun though.[@1128751,lynncelestial]
lynncelestial · 26-30, F
[@1162798,Strongtea] Not as a guy it isn't. What will you do to get by during the years and years and years it will take to build a following, as a guy?

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