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A man was walking down the street and he passed a bar that had a big sign in the window. The sign said, in big letters, "Free Beer...All You can drink." Then in small letters it said, "Must pass test." So the guy goes in the bar and asks the bar tender, "So what is this test?"

The bar tender says, "First, you have to drink this gallon of tequila without making a face. Then, out back we have an alligator with a bad tooth in a pit. You have to pull the tooth out with your bare hands. Lastly, we have a woman upstairs in bed who has never had an orgasm. You'll have to go upstairs and rectify that problem."

The man thinks about it and says, "Maybe some other time." He gets a drink and heads to the other end of the bar.

About an hour later, the man is feeling pretty good. So he says, "Hey bar keep. Where's that tequila?" The bar tender pulls our a glass gallon jug from under the bar with a really nasty looking tequila in it...including a fat worm.

The man takes the jug, and starts chugging the tequila. Tears start streaming from his eyes as he chugs it, but he finishes the tequila without making a face.

He slams down the jug, almost falls off his bar stool and shakily walks out the back door. A few seconds later, the people in the bar hear the sounds of a titanic struggle. Bodies are slamming into the ground, punches, grunts, groans and screams continue for several minutes. Then there's a loud alligator roar, and then silence.

Everyone in the bar is looking at the back door. Thirty seconds go by and then a minute, and nothing happens. Finally, the back door flings open, and in staggers the man. His clothes are in tatters and blood is streaming from all parts of his body.

The man straightens up and yells, "OK. Where's the lady with the bad tooth!"
56-60, M
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Bubbles31-35, F
This is a good one, although I have heard it before, but still very funny!
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
Ah...You're the first person that ever said that to me. I have more.
Bubbles31-35, F
Really?! Well this is the first one of your jokes I have heard. Someone told it to me in person, is very funny when you act out the drunk dialogue lol
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
@Bubbles: Yes it it is! It's a good visual.
I like ruff sex as much as the next guy but I that is to ruff
Angelwithdirtywings56-60, F
Ewwww!! Lmao!
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
It's even better if you act drunk!
@HoraceGreenley: Gross! 馃槀

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