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I Had An Embarrassing Moment

Back in my freshman year of high school, I accidentally snapped my bra during gym class. Was not fun...I would鈥檝e gone home and changed but both my parents worked during the day so I had to go through the rest of the day trying to hide the fact that I was braless 馃槄
SoftServe26-30, M
I bent over to pick something up in school one day and my pants ripped right in the crotch. I went whole day trying to keep the seam together so my private parts wouldn鈥檛 fall out after someone noticed even though I was wearing underwear.
Mayumi22-25, F
I had the same thing happen! It was way too embarrassing. I asked my friends for some backup because I didn't know it had snapped, I just thought it unhooked. but we just ended up getting suspicious looks from everyone.
Elessar26-30, M
Well, if other people didn't notice it was alright, I suppose.

I once went to school with one shoe black and one shoe white 馃槺 lol
SW User
That's not too bad. But in highschool i can see why it would be annoying
SilkandLace241-45, M
This happened to a coworker of mine, we were close friends though, she pulled me aside discreetly and asked if she could go across the street to the mall and get a new one quick!!
heywood8336-40, M
Well that's not bad if your boobs didn't get exposed. What size bra do you wear?
maryannspring22-25, F
[@325904,heywood83] At the time I was an F-cup but I鈥檝e done a bit of growing since then.
heywood8336-40, M
[@689734,maryannspring] Oh I see. Well having breasts that big must be difficult going through the day without a bra. What kind of top were you wearing?
maryannspring22-25, F
We had gym uniforms. It was just a white tee with the school logo emblazoned on it.
SW User
Why would that be embarrassing?
SW User
[@689734,maryannspring] you still had your other clothes,
maryannspring22-25, F
[@612132,Scottie2Hottie] that鈥檚 true. It was was awkward and uncomfortable
SW User
[@689734,maryannspring] it really doesn鈥檛 bother anyone, I don鈥檛 mind braless girls tbh...
Kevin1922-25, M
I've had some bad moments during PE!!! I'm sorry for you!
SW User
Good thing they didn't spill out ;)

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