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I Love Super Heros

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In a town in the U.K. called Hinckley there’s a mysterious vigilante who watches over our town ‘ they tell stories about him they tell of a ghost who has criminals afraid to go out at night ‘ when dangerous criminals such as “Dwayne Henry “aka” the ripper “ ( a serial rapist ) who attacked several women in his torture chamber filled with knives and saws and “Jason maldrew “aka “ the gingerbread man ( a career thief the police couldn’t catch) who attacked the elderly and children putting them in hospital were lose ‘ he hunted them down and traumatised them like they did to there victims he is known simply as ....” the renegade “ ‘ the press ridiculed him they said he doesn’t exist but he saved my daughters life after she was attacked by killer clowns he’s out there keeping watch ‘ this may sound like something like batman but unlike batman he’s real and he deserves recognition for what he’s doing
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Dec 2, 2019
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I Love Super Heros
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In a town in the U.K. called Hinckley there’s a my... | I Love Super Heros | Similar Worlds