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I Am A Skunkseeker
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Well this was a story i actually waited to tell because i wasn't sure how the post spraying would go but it actually went ok so now i think rather fittingly for skunktember i should tell of my second ever spraying and it seems that my luck with skunks gets better and better and better. My first time i got close to a tail grab but no dice. The second time i got the grab but the little guy held back. 3rd time i was blasted in the side of my face by a glancing shot. But this 4th time (2nd successful spraying) oh boy. I remember every moment, seconds by seconds. I should start however by stating how this amazing opportunity even came to be.

My younger brother has seizures every now and then. Don't worry. He isn't in any danger. He actually seems to have a fairly clean bill of health but one day (about a couple before the spraying) they seemed to not want to be stopped by his meds and increased in power and intensity. Eventually my mom called 911 and went with him to the hospital. I stayed home because i loathe sitting in hospitals for days with nothing to do and no freedom. Next day my mom tells me she'll probably be home the next day. I went about my day as per normal but suddenly something happened and it led to me looking out the window and thinking. I finally thought "this is the best chance for a skunking. I NEED this." So i found some clothes i would easily be able to discard and haven't worn in forever and thus it begun.

I remember the night being fairly brisk despite it being a nice clear July night. Almost immediately i saw a couple skunks. 1 thing prevented me from just getting my reward then and there though. Security Cameras. I am not sure but for some reason security cameras were set up to watch the front parking lot of the apartment building i live in. I guess people were complaining of break-ins. I paced back and forth around the back of the building. More skunks..... More cameras. Crime is somewhat of a problem in my neighborhood so i guess these are essential but they all but prevented me from pursuing my stinky cute little critter pals. I had all night though so i did not rush myself even though i desperately wanted to sniff that wondrous beautiful stench again.

I paced back and forth from the front of the building to the back in the hopes one of the little stinkers would waltz it's way out of sight of the cameras but they all seemed to have their own agenda other than spraying some skunk lover up. Oh well i decided about 30 mins in i needed to change plans. I walked around the twin apartment building next to mine. Didn't see much but then i saw a nice skunk with bold stripes walk out from the garbage storage area of that building. As i went for it though i saw yet more cameras. But then it waltzed out into the side street through the residential neighborhood onto the sidewalk and up to someones front yard. I though "Oh boy my chance is finally here" but yet even MORE bad luck plagued me.

A guy was sat out on his deck looking at his phone. No way i could get him now. I had no choice but to cut my losses yet again. I decided to walk through the neighborhood and to the local park. Nothing. I even looked out to the yard of my old public school. Nothing. I decided the best place (despite all the cameras and shit) was the complex. I went back and as i returned i saw that bold striped cutie had returned to the garbage area. Then he waddled out and towards an old garage entrance. No cameras looking in that specific spot. I made my way closer. My heart fluttered nervously. The skunk seemed to either not notice me approach or took no notice. I waited for him (i know it was male cause i saw cute little balls) to close the gap between us.

When i thought the time was right i went for it! He jumped into action and tried to out maneuver me. He very well might've but he had sprayed the air (probably me too in the initial beginning of the chase). It motivated me further. I surged with energy and at last!!! I caught him. He was a beaut i must say. Really sleek fur and nice bold white stripes. He was a good size too. Don't know how old he could've been though. I was so happy and felt so triumphant. I decided to go to the side of the building close to the main road. At 3:30 am there wasn't that much action despite it being a busy part of the city. I set him down and talked to him in a calm but excited voice. "cmon little guy. All you gotta do is spray and i will grant you freedom" He was panting quickly, clearly fearing for it's life. My heart went out to it. I didn't want him to feel bad but this was the only way i could get my stink.

Firmly but gently gripping the skunks tail base i saw him try to get away from me. I decided to give him the idea he wasn't getting away with out a fight. I poked his rump. Oooh he didn't like that. As soon as my finger made contact with his butt he sprayed a powerful cloud of raw putrid goodness, RIGHT IN MY FACE!!! Now i am no expert on the complete chemical makeup of skunk musk but i believe theres a gas in it that blocks your ability to breath clearly. The shot splattered all over my unprotected face. Oh it was so good. I found myself unable to breath properly for a few quick moments. I won't lie panic began to set in slowly but in mere moments i was breathing again. After this i found myself actually loving that it basically choked me momentarily. I was super impressed with that. i was super proud of the skunk for it's display of defense and i was huffing that wonderful musk in. A goofy happiness set in knowing and realizing this cute little creature of nature gave me this scent, this ability to stink so wonderfully.

It did get into my eyes. Way more than last time but amazingly i hadn't been blinded. It did burn nicely though but like the skunk lover i was i embraced the pain and i even found myself being ok with it. Nothing bested the stink though. It was exactly what i worked so hard for and made all my efforts worth it.

I tried to coax more sprays out of him. I tried everything from rubbing his back and admiring his sleek fur. I rubbed his cute little balls gently. I poked and prodded around the sides and rear of him. I even teased his butthole in an almost "cmon you have a clear shot. Give me another musk blast. i'm just asking for it at this point." The little guy however seemed to only have two things on mind now. Either get away or face me head on. The longer i held him he tried to turn and get a cheeky bite in. Not wearing protected footwear i could NOT allow this to happen and i stopped that right away. I kept trying in vain to be to the skunk, "you have the perfect weapon set right on him". But the skunk who's frantic breathing had slowed significantly probably due to my calm treatment of it still kept trying to pull away from me. With action going on all around me i decided staying there any longer would draw heat to me. So i let him go. He scurried away happy to be free from my grasp and to live another day.

I was left alone to make my way back home basking so happily in my wonderful stench. I intentionally was facetious in the way i took back home. I used a staircase that only took me to the second floor. No apartments here but it led to a staircase on the south side of the building. I climbed it halfway to my floor before happily spreading my stink all over the floor. I crossed the hallway to the north staircase where my apartment on the 12th floor was. I hope the tenants loved it as much as i did. When i got back home i immediately disposed of all clothes i was wearing. Then i took a long hot shower. See since i was washing very close to the spraying it hadn't had time to set in to my skin. I washed good and hard and by the end only my hair which i could not descent still stunk very weakly.

I got into bed and masturbated fiercely while watching skunk spray vids. God i blew so hard. And that was it. One awesome experience and if my luck remains consistent then my next chase (probably a while before that one about 5 or so years) should yield multiple sprays. Hoping the next catch is way more liberal with it's spray.

Here's to hoping for a fruitful and stinky skunktember for members on here. Thanks to Tybron for inspiring me and many others. As of writing this he is unable to go chasing for a multitude of reasons. Until he is able to we should keep this community full with our own experiences until he can go chasing safely again. If you have a story from any time of a skunk spraying you enjoyed come out with it. Tell us so we can read and enjoy it and you can reflect on a wonderful experience. You will be accepted here. Thanks for reading. Happy skunktember
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SkunkMePlease · 22-25, F
wow, great story! Which videos were you watching, so that others might enjoy too? ;P
lifty4ever · 22-25, M
[@43974,SkunkMePlease] ohh i don't at all remember but use the this year filter. There's a particularly good video of animal control catching a skunk by cornering it. The guy goes for the tail grab and the carefully lifts it into the cage. As he does he gets sprayed. You can see two yellow mist clouds erupt. So good
Amazing story!
Ooh this is good. Don’t know how I never saw it before
lifty4ever · 22-25, M
[@491916,SkunkyLover] well im sure glad you have now
[@355012,lifty4ever] yeah. Idk what it is about skunk stink but it’s just so intoxicating

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