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I Hate Guys Who Hit Women

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Guys who hit women aren't real men and should be ashamed of themselves, end of story!
22-25, F
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Dec 10, 2017
SW User
If a man ever hit me he would die!!!
OnTheDL ·
Does that happen in Israel?
OnTheDL ·
[@649847,SimplyMe95] I have always experienced that the Jewish observed the law better. They are rarely in American prisons.
SimplyMe95 · 22-25, F
[@406494,SomeLikeItHot] I noticed the ones who do it are mostly in their late teens and early twenties they probably think it's cool
OnTheDL ·
[@649847,SimplyMe95] They haven't matured into men yet. That is sad they associate a coolness with it.
SemlohR · 26-30, M
What if they hit him first?
Sharon · F
[@542305,Darkcosmos] You're making an unfounded allegation hoping some of the shit will stick. I see quite a lot of that here. Luckily most people can see through it.

Good day to you.
Caroline259 · 51-55, F
[@379861,Sharon] She's also suggesting we're men. That and claiming we're the same person are typical ploys to attempt to discredit those with opposing views.
rob19 · M
[@433246,Caroline259] [@379861,Sharon] Oh dear, it looks like you've fallen foul of Darkcosmos. She does that a lot to discredit opponents. She blocked me when I was able to prove she was using multiple accounts and I believe she's deleted the evidence now. She's a very strange person and some of her guises are a bit creepy. Take care.
happilymarriedguy · 56-60, M
I don't understand why men hit women, I was raised not to do such things.
When I was married to my 1st wife, she was throwing things at me trying to hurt me, all I did was get in her face and never laid a hand on her.
Sharon · F
[@2104,happilymarriedguy] I understand why women hit men, it's because foolish men allow them to get away with it.
lacsar · 41-45, M
I think it should be ok to backhand some of them real snotty bitches just on general principles...
1957Mike · 61-69, M
Guys who hit women are nothing more than spineless cowards!
Sharon · F
[@19085,1957Mike] What about women who hit men? They're the real cowards because they know men are conditioned to not retaliate. They know the police won't take any action against them ether.
1957Mike · 61-69, M
[@379861,Sharon] they are Just as bad if not worse!
Love4All · 51-55, F
And should seek help for themselves. They probably learned this behavior from their family.
Sharon · F
[@599157,Love4All] That applies at least as much to violent women.
Love4All · 51-55, F
[@379861,Sharon] Yes, definitely.

To clarify: I am responding to the post, I am not saying that only men hit women.

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I Hate Guys Who Hit Women
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