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I Have Epilepsy

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Well, the chip is in, my head is bald, and my skin is stapled!! I'm sure that's a pretty picture!

Had the surgery on Friday to implant the Responsive Neurotstimulator chip into my skull & brain. I am told the surgery took about three hours, and I went out with flying colors. I'm feeling okay, but my head right now is tender. I think that's from having my head leaned on a pillow all last night, so I expect more of that to come. At least until I get those staples removed in about ten days. I was checked out the next day, and stayed with a friend that night. There was no way I could handle the two and a half hour ride back to our own home, so we did that yesterday.

I'm actually back at the office today....but I have a friend here who is helping me with customers and the lifting. I promise, I am just sitting here at my desk, answering emails and paying bills. Nothing more. Anything more, he is doing. And if I get tired, I'll just call and get a ride home. But, after sleeping all afternoon yesterday, I felt like I needed to be up and about.

Right now, the chip is just learning about my brain activity and seizures. With that, it will learn more about just where I need help. In about a month, I will go back and they will turn on the stimulators that will respond to the seizures coming on and basically tell them to back off before they even get far enough to start. May not happen right away, but eventually, if all goes well, I just might be 100% seizure free for the first time in 40 years! That would be a real treat.

For those of you who have been following me on this and who have sent me good vibes, I appreciate your support. It's that from you and others that have gotten me through this easily. I thank you.

46-50, F
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Feb 11, 2019
cheesenpickles · 22-25, F
I wish you the best of luck. You are very brave! ❤️
Danez · M
WOW you're a trooper. Thats amazing that you're actually already back at work. Hope everything goes well and the procedure works. Epilepsy is no joke. My step-father had it and it was so traumatic when he would have an episode. Be well and don't rush yourself to do too much.
TexChik · 36-40, F
Oh that’s amazing! Good luck ! 😊
xixgun · M
As a very cool side note, you are now technically a cyborg. How futuristic!
silentwriter180 · 46-50, F
[@777164,xixgun] lol You're not the first who has said that! Due to the tests I've taken over the years that had no results, I was teased that "there's nothing there". Can't say that anymore, now can they?!?! lol
Will pray for you! Sending you healing vibes....🙏💕
Silentspectator · 41-45, F
🙌 🤗 😘 🌷😇
Welcome home Cricket, you're a sight for sore eyes; shaved head notwithstanding!!

Now, out the other side, the world is your's to rediscover.
The vista ahead must be incredible.

Your's is an inspiration of faith and courage for us all.


But, the question [i]is[/i]... will it support 5G??🤔📲
silentwriter180 · 46-50, F
[@469015,SethGreene531] lol. Would be fun to be able to tell people, come sit with me, I'll give you a charge.
🤖 [b]=[/b] 🔋⚡️🔌.........😄

You'll be the next 'Alexa' 😅!
Peaches · F
Whaaaat?! 😳You are already at work?! Well don't over do it sis! This sounds so promising Cricket, I pray for you all the time❣️🙏🏼🥰 There are some wonderful things happening in the medical field now a days, I'm sooooo happy for you! ⭐️🐥
silentwriter180 · 46-50, F
[@364304,Peaches] Thanks, honey. Yes, this will be my first full week back at work. The doctors have told me to take it easy and to not lift anything heavier than five pounds, and I should be ok. I have my friend Doug here doing all the grunt work. And, when there isn't any, he is tuning up his pattern making skills.

Otherwise, I am sitting at the computer, doing the paperwork and behind the scenes work of the business. I'll have my staples removed here locally on the 22nd, then on March 27th, I'll go back up to Stanford to turn the system on.

I thank you for being with me through all this. It's been quite the excursion. xoxo
Peaches · F
[@6297,silentwriter180] YES, 🤗 it really has been to say the least! [i][b][c=#7700B2]HUGS💓[/c][/b][/i]

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I Have Epilepsy
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