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I Quit My Job

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I got my first job in a MNC as a programmer and I was really excited. But then, things started to get bad gradually. First, they cut off 1% of my payroll as a part of tax. Then, they allocated me as a technical service operator and never gave a real job, plus my teammates were racist assholes who can't spell calculator, so I wasted one year of career.

Then, after a lot of discussions, finally they allowed me to move from service department to development department and they gave a training. The training really did paid off but I had to wait another year to get a project. Finally, I got one but soon I realised the manager and technical consultant were both soul sucking leeches who forced employees to work late nights and weekends. They won't even give even a part of their profits to us. They called me incompetent even when I worked my ass off and get their job done.

Finally, I had my last straw when they forced me to work on their bug when I was about to leave. I told them I can't do that because I have to catch a flight and I had an examination next day urgently. Mind you, I told them about this before. But the assistant manager didn't care, she yelled at me before the whole office, embarrassing me. She demanded that I have to do it or I will face consequences. Then I did something she didn't expect. I took my bag and walked out of the office as though nothing happened. It was almost like slapping her face. But I did face their wrath following week.

She and the manager sent me a lot of emails telling I was unprofessional. I didn't care, I knew this would happen. Of course, they told me they were planning to give me low appraisal for the next quarter and I replied back with a resignation letter. Before they announced the appraisal results, I got my resignation letter approved and I left the company with a smile and a skip. Of course, the manager yelled at me when I went to meet her last time but it didn't matter. I am happy I took the decision. I could have done it earlier.
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Apr 15, 2019
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11knaves11 · 41-45, M
I feel she was unprofessional the way she attempted to scold you. In my opinion you handled it with more class than she
JBird · F
[@10401,11knaves11] thank you, sometimes I wonder how did the company hired her as manager. For starters, her English was bad and she was too loud for a professional
11knaves11 · 41-45, M
[@917702,JBird] from what I read, she needs to be taken to HR

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I Quit My Job
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