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I Want You to Read This Before You Add Me to Your Circle

Some Will...Some Won'T.....Anyways....Here It Is........ I am a strong willed, honest, uncontrollable, never give in, kinda girl...know that, I have not and will not change myself for anyone.....

DO NOT tell me you like a girl like this then  try to change me...expect me for me or walk away.....

 I am a Lady,(well I try) I don’t always speak like a Lady and if that offends you then it’s best if you move on.

I live in a big ole glass house...I am not one to judge...

**My avatar will change with my mood...sometimes naughty...sometimes sad...sometimes is more my state of mind at the time
...[b]<u>NEVER ME</u>[/b]...

When you read my stories, know that some are what has happened, some are what I want to happen and some are pure fantasy (he knows that)…I love writing them, it helps me in many ways express myself.  Yes my stories are sexual and naughty...but that does not make me a whore.....Sometimes people mistake a story I have written to be about them…

I like men, all men, but older men know more about what a girl wants, needs and deserves. I want to be treated with respect…Get to know me and I you and we will move on from there. 

I don't skype...I will NOT spread my legs on cam for anyone….YES men will leave over that….guess what…I don’t need a man that bad….I get plenty of attention without petting my kitty on cam….*giggle*
 Nope I don't post naughty or sexual  pis'c of me...

There are somethings I am just not into...I try hard to have respect for everyone, we all have thing's we like and enjoy, that other may find off putting. I don't do bathroom body functions...I am not interested in vulgar stories about you and your fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, ect..

Other than that...

I will chat about almost anything,...and yes  I enjoy naughty chat…just because I naughty chat does not mean I will show you my naughty parts…I think it is more erotic to use my words to paint you  a picture… words can be more powerful and arousing then people think…

I am a big beautiful girl, know that…if that scares you, then there is no reason for us to talk…I like men and women who see a girl for what she is all over, not a size, those men are the ones who touch my heart and if you touch my heart that is a beautiful thing.

When you get to know me you will see I have different sides…sometimes I am a strong willed, independent Lady …
and sometimes I am a shy little girl…

***I am know that from time to time I will have to update this little spill about me and that's fine... live and learn...***

Thank you for letting me be so bitchy...

Thanks Ya’ll
Dixie Girl
Wow. Ive just read your manifesto and.... youre AWESOME!!! youre the kind of woman this world needs youre the kind of wonan to rule the world make it a better place more bearable...
I adore you without knowing much about you, just from reading this. I shiver in your presence.
ladyamelia · 51-55, F
awe...shucks....thank you...
Never give in? never ever? not even if i was to say please with sugar gum drops on top? now we all, know if i can balance a sugar cum drop on the tip of my cock youd be maybe just alittle impressed
ladyamelia · 51-55, F
yes....that would be very impressive and I may just have to give in....but....I think you are fully aware.....I'd give into you any time
you tend to bring out the best in me
ladyamelia · 51-55, F
awe shucks....lil ole me.....
Reading this made me respect you even more, I'd LOVE to know you better and I respect you completely.
I like what you wrote and I believe all women should be given respect at all times
ladyamelia · 51-55, F
thank you
Bitchy??? lol...This was very good...nice to meet you DLD
Lady Amelia,,,may I.say I really love your attitude!
Love You Dixie.... I love you being you ...

ladyamelia · 51-55, F
Thank you sweetie....kisses...
Ok. I understand your state of mind. How are you?
Very well written my dear
Hi please add me
Thanks for.sharing
You go!! I love it!

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I Want You to Read This Before You Add Me to Your Circle
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