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I Am Not An Atheist

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The more I talk to atheists the more I realise they live in a dream world, a dream world in which a highly complicated mechanism like a cell put itself together by unguided forces, and then survive in a hostile environment and replicate. Seems totally illogical to me but they lap it up
70-79, M
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Jun 26, 2020
The more you post about the atheist position the more ignorant and bigoted you sound. 馃檮
Speedyman70-79, M
Where are you have no understanding[@46009,newjaninev2]
newjaninev251-55, F
[@740449,Speedyman] Could you translate that into English for me?
hippyjoe195561-69, M
[@46009,newjaninev2] Why bother. You will just deny it all in the morning anyways. You do it all the time. You are the queen of denial.
they are blind and live in a hopeless world filled with depression
Speedyman70-79, M
Ever seen any plays by Samuel Becket? 馃槉[@1026,HazelMotes]
[@740449,Speedyman] Ever read Revelations?
Speedyman70-79, M
Yep. Of course. It鈥檚 an Apocaypse [@336854,redredred]
Elessar26-30, M
Same feeling about (many of) the theists, in particular monotheists. In particular those who believe humanity came in existence just 5000 years ago, by inbreeding.
Elessar26-30, M
[@740449,Speedyman] You too with Christianity. Take counselling
Speedyman70-79, M
I have no need. I feel so sorry for you. [@44863,Elessar]
Elessar26-30, M
[@740449,Speedyman] lol
And yet you believe a big daddy made it all as sort of a hobby so he can watch some of his little toys make mistakes and get sent to torture for all eternity and some follow the rules and get sent to eternal boredom just looking at him.
Speedyman70-79, M
You don鈥檛 know anything about history. That is completely untrue. Go and get educated [@336854,redredred]
[@740449,Speedyman] No, those are facts. Pesky little things, fact are.
Speedyman70-79, M
Facts? That you have made up? Sorry but you are not deaIng with gullible atheists here. I know you guys believe anything but we don鈥檛[@336854,redredred]
SecretWish31-35, F
[c=#359E00]atheist is fucking idiot, jusy ley them be and let's have fun to see them burn in hell[/c]
causernamebemyusername26-30, M
[@659125,SecretWish] How loving.
MissMoon22-25, F
[@406636,causernamebemyusername] Exactly haha, and Mathew 5:44 talks about loving enemies and later in Matthew, that loving only those who love us is something non-believers do

I am not a christian, but I love the irony in her comment 馃槄
Bushranger61-69, M
You are aware that cells didn't just come into existence [i]de novo[/i], aren't you?
Bushranger61-69, M
[@10033,hippyjoe1955] That presupposes that humans are the ultimate organism in the universe and the existence of a God that fits your beliefs. I'm willing to accept that's what you believe, but it's not what I believe.
hippyjoe195561-69, M
[@764286,Bushranger] Where do you ever get the impression that humans are the ultimate organism? Not from Christianity. Christianity believes that humans are fallen creatures that can not make their own way in the universe or here on earth.
Speedyman70-79, M
So what are the ultimate organisms? [@764286,Bushranger]
But you believe in an invisible being who magically created everything with no training or creator of his own. That鈥檚 even more ridiculous.
Speedyman70-79, M
You are so funny as if the omnipotent God needed training! No wonder you don鈥檛 believe in that God because I don鈥檛 believe in him either[@1026,HazelMotes]
Madgirl22-25, F
Speedyman70-79, M
Well I hope so. He had no proof of what he was saying [@328911,Madgirl]
Madgirl22-25, F
[@740449,Speedyman] neither do you.... but at least he was thinking logically and didnt rely on fantasy
Speedyman70-79, M
Well of course we think logically too but he was relying on prejudice not logic anyone can see[@328911,Madgirl]
i find it more believable than some mystery being somewhere creating people as a science projecr

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