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I Enjoy Being Alone But I Get Lonely

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I find pleasure in solitude, especially when there isn’t much going on in my life. A lot of the time, I’m ecstatic to just be able to lie down on my bed and read for a while, or spend the entirety of my day with the curtains closed, playing video gam...
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18-21, M
1 reply
Jan 10, 2018
I think that is normal to feel lonely once a while. I have to say I am very lucky and happy person. Once a while I get lonely. And that is when the funny part comes. What do I do? I install tinder or some kinda meeting/dating app. I don't know w...
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31-35, F
5 replies
Jul 2, 2017
Anyone out there that wouldn't mind talking about absolutely anything? Getting really lonely again, and now that thanksgiving break is here I'm going to be ultra lonely
18-21, M
28 replies
Nov 22, 2016
Everyone asks me why I don't celebrate my birthday. I tell them because it's just another day. No one really cares. It's basically just a day for the people who pretend you don't exist most of the year to act like they know you fo...
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26-30, M
1 reply
Sep 29, 2016
I do spend a lot of time by myself. I'm in my room a lot of the time. Sometimes I feel it's necessary to be alone when you need an escape or need to think
26-30, M
3 replies
May 30, 2016
I keep telling myself this. I do though, most of the time. I just hate it when people question this fact, and it makes me question myself. I feel judged and looked down on as if my life is quite sad. But I do wonder why they care so much about it the...
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22-25, F
0 replies
May 14, 2016
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I Enjoy Being Alone But I Get Lonely
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Categories: Health, Loneliness
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