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I Gave My Heart, All Of My Heart, And Hope It's In Good Hands

See...this woman is far out of my league. She has a history of talented, handsome men...even famous men, in her life. I am nothing...I am a plain, boring, average guy...but she loves me nonetheless. And for the first time in my life, I have true, unconditional love for someone. Oh sure, as a parent, you have that love for your children, but this is different. This is my soul mate. I love her completely, unconditionally, and I gave her my heart. I am completely dedicated to this her happiness. All I want is her happiness. And I will go to virtually any lengths to ensure that. I hope she always loves me the way she does. I hope she never comes to feel she could do so much better. And if she does, I hope she'll be honest with me, and if she'd truly be happy with someone else, I would step aside...and I will always love her. I try very hard, not to smother her with my love and affection. I believe a relationship is just that...a relationship...not an, she has her freedom. I cannot and will not cage her spirit and her beauty. She is the first woman I have ever had in my life, who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Truthfully, on the outside, she is as near a perfect ten as I have ever met...but inside, she's IS a perfect ten. She lights up a room when she enters. She brings smiles to everyone's faces. Funny...she doesn't even realize that men fall all over themselves just to look at her. She thinks it's just coincidence that everyone takes to her and instantly falls in love with her. She takes it as coincidence that every guy wants to be near with her...look at her. I think she's blind to her own physical beauty. But I'd rather have that, than a woman who is conceited and stuck on herself...I've met many of those kind. She exudes sunshine, warmth, and love...friendship...kindness, tenderness, joy, and grace. Can you tell I am in love? Been nearly 3 years since we met...and I grow to love her deeper and deeper each and every day. Most everyone in this world will settle...settle for someone they can live with. Few will ever meet and spend their lives with their soul mates. I got SO lucky...because she deserves better...and I will spend my life trying to BE better...for her. My best friend, my soul mate, the owner of my heart, mind, soul, and spirit. I think of her constantly, I dream of her at night...all my fantasies are of my sweetheart. I wish this sort of astronomical luck to all of you. May you all meet and fall in love with YOUR soul mate, your best friend, your love. I have been lucky, I have been blessed. May you all have the same luck, the same blessing. I thank you my babydoll, princess angel! All my love
I'd like to follow this up with an update. Unfortunately, I don't think I am the man she wishes to be with...she shows all the signs of having lost passion and feelings for me. Maybe I was simply her Knight in Shining Armor...who helped her get out of an abusive and ugly marriage. No matter, for I will always love her and will always think of her as my dearest friend. And even if she and I are through as lovers, I still count myself as the luckiest man alive to have known her and loved her...even if for a short while. I have seen others say it...I have said it myself...I would rather be alone than with someone who does not have feelings for, I release her if that's what she wishes...and I will carry on...alone. But I am still better off having known and loved her with all my heart.
StarLily · 51-55, F
I've been fortunate enough to share in this 'astronomical luck' as you put it:) Many things you wrote about I can relate to. You describe your love for her so thoughtfully and... well... lovingly!lol Wishing you both a love live full of blessings and happiness :)
thanks...she doesn't know I am here...but I truly believe actions speak louder than words. I show her my love every day...I romance her...ever day...and I just hope she never tires of me. Wish you the same luck I have had. It's incredible that I am experiencing this...I never thought I was capable of this deep a feeling...never thought I was able to have someone feel this way about me, of all people. Thanks for your kind words my friend.
I'm happy for you starlily...everyone should experience this.
joahola98wj · 31-35, F
@midagehippie Thank you. I trust it will happen to me when I don't expect it, when I don't search. It's the same way with friendships. Good friends find me when I'm not looking.
PTCdresser57 · 61-69, M
I feel the same way about my wife. I treat her as a Princess everyday. Doing as much for her as I possibly can. Almost never going anywhere without her on my arm.
Gallantio · 46-50, M
This was great man, I am hoping you've read this to her or at least sending her such love letters.
joahola98wj · 31-35, F
@midagehippie I like what you said. I also hope to find someone who loves me like this.
joahola, you will...I hope for you...but, I had given up...and I stopped looking and dreaming...and that's when it happened. Never lose hope. Yes, I truly believe most people will end up settling...just with someone who they can put up with, but few will find their soul mate...I hope for you, that you do eventually. I am sure you are worthy of that. It happened to me...and I am truly not worthy of happened. Good luck!
osianpurl · 46-50, F
That's beautiful :)

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I Gave My Heart, All Of My Heart, And Hope It's In Good Hands
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