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I See Dumbasses
i got banned from whisper all because some incel reported me as a harm and threatening because i told him i was not interested in him . i'll be back there triggering more incels .
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TerriG · 22-25, F
Why do you want to cause trouble
Smalltownwitch · 26-30, F
[@376270,TimingQuasars] I am not fighting i'm simply telling that hoe how it is she's thot and looking for trouble but couldn't handle it and i will stick up for myself online and in real life too.
TimingQuasars · 22-25, M
[@443904,Smalltownwitch] what she even do haha?
Smalltownwitch · 26-30, F
[@376270,TimingQuasars] she's a dumb miserable bitch apparently .
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I See Dumbasses
You might be a dumbass if you dont know.
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