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I Have a Question

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Why there's no one in the Follower button even though there's an orange point at the Follower button. The Follower button is the button between PM and Notification next to our Avatar. That orange point is a notification telling us that there's a new Follower and we can click them back and they become our friend. When I click at the Follower button, no one new in there except all those people I already befriended. This is my second time I experienced things like this.

I appreciate your advise on this. Thank you.
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Apr 27, 2017
Edited: 2 yrs ago
Kindheartedguy · 41-45, M
Maybe they added you, so you get the notification and then unfriended you.

Or maybe someone who you friended first added you.
Diyanne · F
@Kindheartedguy: [c=#7700B2]Ohhh okayyy...Thank you Kindheartedguy ☺[/c]
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