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I Have a Question
Do you wish you had a block button in real life?
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[c=#BF0080]Yes! Wouldn't that be nice.[/c]
Justpeaceandlove · 61-69, F
After thinking about this nah...
floatingintheocean · 36-40, F
So much!
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
I'd settle for a MUTE button.
twistermind · 46-50, F
Nooooo! I would feel more rejected.
EvilEmily · F
i would prefer a quicksave/load irl
HisGirl · 36-40, F
Yes, in fact I'd like many options, fast forward, rewind, mute, I'll just take a whole remote please
Seeyou · 56-60, M
Fuck yeah
twistermind · 46-50, F
Don't earphones cause the same effect?
Picklebobble · 56-60, M
[c=#665D00]Not so much a block button. More an old Mega Drive keypad!
Then I'd remember the finishing moves of the Mortal Kombat charecters from the old video game!
And 'Finish them!'
xCorvo · 22-25, M
TheSunisout · 56-60, M
No because i might just block myself😊

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