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I wanna loose weight to make my muscles tighter, which I have no problem with, but I'm curious should I eat less and still exercise or should I eat less but stop exercising? Would that burn too many calories?
18-21, C
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Nov 17, 2016
G302634 · 22-25, F
Eat and drink healthier and continue your workouts. Cut out soft drinks is a good start. So much sugar and calories.
Tryingtofindabalance · 31-35, M
You want tighter muscles? Drink more water, eat no salt, and do high reps low weight lifting. You will tone up after a while. Make sure you mix in normal muscle balk lifting as well
@DrunkSoldiers: drink protein drinks, or eat healthy protein. Stay away from cooking oils, soda of all kinds, frying foods, fast food restaurants. Eat more vegetables, chicken, fish. Eat red meat even once every few weeks. Drink plenty of water.
DrunkSoldiers · 18-21, C
@Tryingtofindabalance: so basically should I replace heavy weight lifting with low weight and high reps?
DrunkSoldiers · 18-21, C
@talktome2day: already do drink protein drinks
GJOFJ3 · 61-69, M
Eat less and exercise. Eating less helps lose the weight exercise helps the muscles tighten
DrunkSoldiers · 18-21, C
But I'm also referring to cardio, if I eat less and do cardio at the same time would I be burning too many calories?
SW User
Eating lesser, and exercising more always works for me :D
Gives instant results ;)
DrunkSoldiers · 18-21, C
@Goldenwonders: Cool, but is it possible to burn too many calories?
SW User
@DrunkSoldiers: Not that i know of 😂
DrunkSoldiers · 18-21, C
@Goldenwonders: nice

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