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I Have a Question

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What are you up to?
18-21, F
14 replies
Nov 8, 2019
V00dooCakeNinja · 36-40, F
Considering what to have for dinner. I dont want take out
V00dooCakeNinja · 36-40, F
[@102667,KingofPizza2] ok
KingofPizza2 · 31-35, M
[@949508,V00dooCakeNinja] Build a big net please so I can fling it across the ocean to you
V00dooCakeNinja · 36-40, F
[@102667,KingofPizza2] 👌
Beatbox34 · 26-30, M
Just listening to music.
wackidywack · 18-21
I'm actually havin a wee, off t bed soon
KingofPizza2 · 31-35, M
Various morning errands
mark245pineapple · 26-30, M
should I do laundry now, or wait til tomorrow??

and thinking of what to do today? I am bored
cupcakestar111 · 18-21, F
[@497792,mark245pineapple] yes now
mark245pineapple · 26-30, M
[@987642,cupcakestar111] ugh.... fine. but I'm going to complain about it the entire time
FORMERLYbatovn · 56-60, M
As little as I can possibly get away with
trackman11 · 56-60, M
Just riding a bus on the way to a cross country meet. 🙂
Thanks for asking.
Repete · 61-69, M
I’m up to five feet five inches a little higher if I stand on my tippy toes,
This message was deleted by its author.

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