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I Wear Victoria's Secret

New Panties<3... Hey Everyone!!!! Good Evening!!! :D <3

Danielle here, just writing to say how much I absolutely LOVE Victoria's Secret. Earlier today I took a visit to my local Victoria's Secret because I saw online that they were having a 7 for $25 SALE!!!! I was so excited so I took the time to check which panties were available to purchase for this deal. I was in the mood for thongs. I needed some more for school. Anyways, after doing research I finally found the thongs that caught my attention the most. So finally I went over to the store and pretty much handled my business. There were some hot ass girls around my age just looking at me picking out my thongs. They were kind of shocked to see me, I was a little nervous but I kept my cool. If they were to ask me who am I buying them for I would've just said my Girlfriend who I did promise I'd take her thong shopping. Oh well babe, shouldn't have gone out with your friends :p Anyways, back to my story, I finally picked out the panties I wanted. Man I wanted so much more. But no, had to stay within my budget. lol. So i walked over to the counter and this super fine black girl was at the register, she helped me out with my purchase, she was very friendly. I recieved a text message and take note that my ringtone is the old spice whistle. She heard it and just started laughing. So she told me of old ringtones shes had. Thank god for that text, it sure broke the ice between her and I. So I drove home to find the house all to myself!!!! AWSOME!!!!! So i took the time to take off all of my guy clothes right down to my bare ass. I took my panties out of the bag and out of the paper it was wrapped in. Then I took all the tags off and started to try them on. Got mostly thongs and 1 bikini. I absolutely LOVE THEM<333 I took pictures with them on, so take the time to view them and tell me what you think! ;) -Danielle

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