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I Like a Good Joke
Mildly Adult
My dick, is bigger than the ocean
Your dick, couldn't put a runner in motion

My dick, makes chicks come chawking
Your dick, moves like Stephen Hawking

My dick, is way too much
Your dick, your Catholic priest wouldn't touch

My dick, is bigger than me
Your dick, is no bigger than a bee

My dick, I couldn't fit a sock on
Your dick, a hooker wouldn't lock-out

My dick, can't fit in my pants
Your dick, couldn't please an ant

My dick, makes ladies paint
Your dick, has been huffing too much paint
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BlueDragonN7922-25, M
What it's funny
GeniUs51-55, M
My dick knocks at the door
Your dick look so poor

My dick split the sides
Your dick even you derides

My dick worth a ten
Your dick not a Japanese Yen

My dick knock you out
Your dick more like a sprout
BlueDragonN7922-25, M
My dick, I can fit down my throat
Your dick, can't even make an ant choke
GeniUs51-55, M
My dick the full Richard
Your dick need more stitches

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