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I Am Lonely

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Everyone HAS someone who asks about them and care for them, literally.. EVERYONE. So if you think someone is actually going to have time for you, you’re so wrong brother/miss. No one cares, honestly. So just sit back, play some good music and learn to be by yourself, because it’s going to be like this for a damn long time, might as well get used to it.

Also, don’t open up to people and have much hope. Don’t want to spoil it but, no they’re are not different this time -too-.
18-21, M
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Aug 11, 2017
Giana · 70-79, F
Truth hurts. A rather cynical viewpoint but I have to admit I can relate; sometimes it's safer to be alone.
Cabernetfranc · 70-79, M
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I Am Lonely
Feeling alone, lonely or isolated? Welcome to a support group of people that truly understand.
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Updated: 2 days ago
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Everyone HAS someone who asks about them and care ... | I Am Lonely | Similar Worlds