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Dealing with my near death experience

In December of 2020 I had a near death experience. This experience, has changed my life in so many ways. It feels like I experience more in my life each day, as if time has slowed. The one thing I’m not comfortable is my lack of patience. I experienced a brain injury and as you can imagine the recovery has been quite slow and the work extremely difficult.
needsmilk808 · 51-55, M
I don’t remember much, i was unconscious for about a week. My dreams were very dark in nature, It felt as though I had to make a decision, I had to choose weather I was going to go (die) or to stay, I recall the thought of death seamed somehow very peaceful. I chose to stay. The Real unnerving part was trying to figure out what was going on in the world when I got released. It seamed like the whole world was upside down and that I was still in a dream, it’s kind of like being disoriented.
SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
Can you describe your NDE? Was it typical of other's experiences? Bright light, sense of peace, dead relatives and friends welcoming you?

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I Experienced Near Death
Is it "near death" or actual death?
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