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I Miss My Mother

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Mother it's been two months since you have been gone. I miss hearing your voice everyday. I hate that drunk driver that killed you! I wanna kill him!!!!! It hurts every damn day that you're not alive but you're still looking down on us. Ive been angry, crying and very depressed. A lot of people think I'm too emotional and dramatic! I don't care! I'm not afraid to show my feelings and I WILL show it. Mommy I miss yu so much! I loved mother/daughter days and I miss the SHIT outta you!!!! You are very special to my brothers and I and dad is heartbroken that you're gone. Girls need their mothers and moms are very very special. It kills me and I almost had a breakdown yesterday because it's hard for me to accept that you're done. Some people say I need to accept that she's dead and she can't come back. When someone is dead they're DEAD. Accept it and move on and true suppose to think about the good times. That made me more upset. I didn't think some people will be insensitive about death. I can miss you if I want. I miss the hell outta you mommy!

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May 2, 2019
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drtt94331-35, M
I鈥檓 so sorry. Hugs
Coralmist36-40, F
One of my fave authors Byron Katie occasionally talks to people grieving a loved one who passed, and they鈥檒l say I am so sad and confused because my dad died (for an example)... and she says.. Your dad died, can you absolutely KNOW that鈥檚 true? And they鈥檒l tear up and say no I can鈥檛 know it鈥檚 true.. And she鈥檒l say that鈥檚 right because they鈥檙e here in your mind and heart always... She is amazing I love her videos.. check it out at the and I know your mom will never be gone馃寛馃尫馃尲
MotherlessDaughter0118-21, F
Wow...I'm so sorry that you lost your mother. Hugs to you. Forget the insensitive people. They don't give a shit. Just be surrounded by people that love and care about you. 馃馃馃
Ian12356-60, M
I know how this feels, it was some years ago but it really hurt. For me it did get better and.I hope it will for you. Take your time to grieve, only you will know when you are ready 馃

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I Miss My Mother
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