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I Am In a Love Triangle

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I am still sorta am cause I have feeling for two men and they both have strong feelings towards me back. My first bf the Canadian we broke up but we are still best friends...we broke up due to him being very busy. But I still have those strong feelings lingering.
My new guy his from the us but still pretty far and way much older than him and me combined...but I fallen hard for him too.

I'm not sure what's gonna happen in the future but I hope I make a good choice. Love is hard
18-21, F
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sadie210 · F
Love is hard! You'll be okay though
MartinTheFirst · 22-25, M
You should just dump one of them. Don't let it go on, it will tear you apart.
greenmountaingal · 70-79, F
One is "too busy" and the other is far away and much older...? It's not really a classic triangle, just a choice of involvement on your part with men who are helping to promote your fantasies. Could you find someone closer and more realistically caring? That might be your 4th choice.
I guess but someone much closer with be impossible
greenmountaingal · 70-79, F
@xXAlternativeblkchicxX: Then pick the busy guy who still wants to be friends...we all need all the friends we can get.
True we'll see what happens
thinkincubes · 36-40, M

love comes in all shapes <3
greenmountaingal · 70-79, F
Personally, in my life, I've had enough trouble trying to sustain any [i]one[/i] relationship.
thinkincubes · 36-40, M
don't look at me, I don't even like relationships 😅
Justabitweeb · 31-35, M
Of course love is hard, but this guy always wanted one person who would stick by his side no matter what and loved him as much as he loves you! We got this easy babe! I'm smart enough to know that this kind of thing doesn't come around very often! I'm happy waiting till we can meet! :) <3 Plus we have each other everyday to talk to till then!

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I Am In a Love Triangle
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