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I Am Sometimes Afraid of the Dark

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I can best sum this up in a story. There once was a young monster who lived with a pair of human parents in England and he was quite an intelligent and curious little creature, he was a fast-learner but was shy and didn't have many friends but he was devoted to his new family who accepted him regardless of what he was. His favorite place was the lab, it was his own little place for him to play and over time he made many new friends. Of course this monster loved music, it was the very thing that kept him going. His bedroom was a sacred place where all his favorite toys and books were. But sometimes dark and terrible things would happen when he fell asleep, he would have strange visions of being visited by scarier monsters that would fly in through the windows and there would usually be a storm or heavy wind.

No matter what he did, he couldn't escape them...he couldn't even move or cry for help but there was one thing that he could always count on, his magic light which was always present with him. The magic light was repellent for those monsters, it kept them away from him no matter where he went. And then there was the door that lead to the hall-way, he always knew he could escape from the monsters that way...and even though he wouldn't make it in time on occasion, he arrived at the door and using all his might would pull it open before running out and closing it. Heading down the hallway, he arrived at a place with two different sleeping areas, the first belonged to his mother - and luckily for him it was the easiest. He ran over and knocked on the door, his mother looked up at him and with a smile and open arms, allowed him to stay with her in her room, this place was the one place the monsters wouldn't get to him - because it was a place they had an aversion to. The little monster spent more than a few nights snuggling with his mother but even as he matured he was still afraid of the dark, and since that day he slept in his room with his magic light and music to keep him for being scared.

That little story by the way is actually what happened to me and the nightmares i've had and how I too am afraid of the dark on occasion.
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Mar 16, 2019
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I Am Sometimes Afraid of the Dark
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I can best sum this up in a story. There once was... | I Am Sometimes Afraid of the Dark | Similar Worlds