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Did I do wrong?

After my Redundancy back at the end of September; I managed to get a selection of interviews starting with one at Morrisons... I felt I did well and I told them about the fact that I take the bus and the bus schedule had changed due to COVID as the bus where I live starts at 7am and the bus coming home is 8.30pm; the girl said that should be fine, I had applied for a Day vacancy anyway.

Fast forward to the induction day when the people's manager said I'll be doing twilight shifts, I didn't know what that meant but I was eager to please and dive back into work so I ran with it. I just said as long as it can fit around my bus home.

Then I got the email a day before I was set to start at the shop and the times they had given me were 6pm to 11pm. This kind of annoyed me, I told them time and time again about the buses so I sent an email off to them, didn't get a reply so I went to the shop the next day as spoke to the manager who said, they didn't see why they should move their schedule to accommodate me even though I told them from the off that I TAKE THE BUS!!

So sadly I had to resign with immediate effect. The good news is I have a temporary Christmas job now in my town meaning no bus traveling.

But i still keep thinking I messed up with Morrisons but I can't see how it can be entirely my fault because I told them frequently that I had to take the bus and had no alternative. 😥
Johnblackthorn · 56-60, M
You did the right thing, if an employer can't accommodate the laws of physics it's entirely their loss

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