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Today I found out interesting dice dare:

Pee Dice Game Here is a dice game that involves peeing and wetting. Basically all you have to do is roll the dice for each section and then do those things.

What to wear:

1-Normal clothes
2-Just underwear
3-3 pairs of panties (boys too)
4-Normal clothes + a TIGHT belt
5-Jeans/trowsers + your underwear ABOVE them

What to drink

1-Nothing (luky)
2-2 glasses of water
3-4 glasses of water during first hour
4-2 glasses of water every hour
5-1 glass of water every 15 minutes
6-Drink 2 glasses at the begining + roll again

How much time to hold it

1-3 hours
2-4 hours
3-4 hours 30 minutes
4-5 hours
5-5 hours 30 minutes
6-6 hours

What to do (or not to do) while holding it

1-You can hold it normaly
2-You can't use your hand to hold it (if you do you must drink 1 glass of water)
3-No crossing your legs (if you do you must drink 1 glass of water)
4-Number 2 and 3
5-You must push your bladder for 10 seconds every 10 minutes
6-Number 4 and 5

Where to let it go

2-Toilet but through what you were wearing
6-Bowl and must taste it

NOTE: If you are not able to hold it then you must do the following:

If you were wearing a diaper, you just have to put your diaper on your face for 10 minutes while standing at the corner.

If you were not wearing a diaper then:

1-Wear those clothes 1 hours
2-Wear those clothes 2 hours
3-Wear those clothes 6 hours
4-Wear those clothes 12 hours
4-Wear those clothes 12 hours and you can't take them off (even to pee or poop)
6-Wear those clothes 24 hours

I got:5, 6+4, 6, 4, 6, 6
I will tell you how it was :)
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Amyisgreat · 22-25, F
I got 6 4 5 5 6
PattyP · 26-30, F
So I was told to wear jeans and my panties above them and hold for 6 hours.I had to drink 2 glasses at the begining and 2 glasses every hour. I hadn't to cross my legs and hadn't using hands. I had to pee in a bowl and taste it. That was really hard to do, in the and I was thinking that I can't hold it but I did it. I peed in the bowl through my jeans because I can't hold it longer then I tasted it. I was drunk a lot of water so it haven't had a distinct taste. It was only somewhat salty. Girls PM me if you liked this challenge and wanna try peegames with me :)
Wetone · 70-79, M
I think I'd rather just pee my pants and enjoy the feeling..LOL
Getmessy · 36-40, M
I am so going to try this it sounds like great fun.
Normanwestie · 61-69, M
Would you like a chat? pm me if so
tobiwet · 41-45, M
i would love to play that game with you
KatieLouise · 26-30, F
I want to play that with you :) <3
Gentlemickey · 70-79, M
I actually did this in front of my daughter in law.
I rolled a 6.. her seeing me in a diaper was humiliating enough !
I rolled a 3..4 glasses really filled me up !
I rolled a 3..4 1 1/2 hours ha ha
I rolled a 2.. I was a good boy no touching !
I rolled a 4.. it didn't matter. I was standing there in a diaper !
To my disgrace I filled my diaper in less than an hour.
Since I had to wear my pee pee diaper on my face, I went to go take it
off and put on my shorts... but she made me stand there as she
stripped off my diaper, leaving me naked and put it on my face. It was very wet and she kept rubbing it in my face. We are both supposed to roll the dice this weekend. I can't wait... it can't get any more humiliating for me lol 😔🤭

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