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I'm Not Married

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If you're a married man I won't chat with you in public forums.
If you're a married man I won't chat with you in messages.
When I was working I saw a lot of married men two timing their wives. I had to put up with it. Those days are over and so I don't have to talk to a sleaze bag married man if I don't want to.
Guys If I find out you're married I'll tell you to stop talking to me. You still try and talk to me you're going to get blocked.

Go talk to your wife.
SW User
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Dec 10, 2016
Bitter I see
SW User
Are you married?
Ikr it's funny how it's mostly the married ones that are whoring around online 😂
Serenitree · F
: 18-21 year old boys who know more about women's reproductive organs and the agony of menopause and when it begins, etc. Giving advice on how to raise kids. They never raised a kid, so that makes them experts. @missingmoments:

Dec. 11/16
12:51 am
Serenitree · F
@missingmoments: what they think they know.

Dec. 11/16
12:52 am
SW User
Yes. yes indeed. Whereas all we want is to exchange clean thoughts with fellow users, but they are all around ready to prey on anyone. We just have to discern who they are and be caref.
Well you certainly have set a strong line in your opinion about this, even though you do not care about the situation of why the married man might be chatting. It isn't always about cheating, sometimes it is just about friends and learning new things.
SW User
@BalletDancer: So does this mean I won't be hearing from you anymore?
SW User
dammit there goes my chance
SW User
Yep I guess so.
Cruiser91 · 46-50, M
Way to go!
chilloutab2 · 41-45, M
I take it you don't have the same set of rules for the married women who are two timing their husbands?
chilloutab2 · 41-45, M
I don't know if you've tried Metoprolol. It helped me immensely.
SW User
Meds don't help.
I want to write about my rage and I will put up posts about it
chilloutab2 · 41-45, M
Ok, yes, writing about it could help. What worked for me was to sit myself down and think long and hard about the reason I got angry and then tackle those reasons, such as thinking about myself and about the people around me differently, avoiding certain "trigger" situations for a while, etc.

I suppose you'd be doing the same thing while writing about your rage, so that would be a good thing to do.

Also, I found elevated levels of adrenaline added to my rage. So I ignored the drugs that were prescribed to me, such as anti-depressants, tranquilizers, etc... and self medicated on Metoprolol, which is an adrenaline inhibitor. It worked.

That coupled with regular strenuous exercise, which made use of all the excess adrenaline and therefore reduced their levels at rest.

I also avoided foods that built up excess sugar in my system, which is an open invitation to adrenaline to break down the sugar. Also, caffeine increases adrenal activity so I avoided it like the plague.

My method of tackling the problem was both physiological and psychological - a two pronged attack. Depending on whether your case is more psychological or physiological, you might want to try various approaches.

And yes, therapists don't work... you need to go on gathering information, look inwards and find out yourself what works best for you.
SW User
I support this !

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