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It's depressing...and insulting...and so many other things

I hate the news. Hate is a strong word. While I wouldn't say I truly hate any person, there are some things/concepts that I hate, and the news is one of them.

Among my friends and family, I'm always known as the "out of the loop" person. I never know what "important" thing (important according to the media overlords at least) is going on in the world until everyone and their mother is talking about it left and right. And you know what? I kind of prefer it that way. If I'm going to hear some story, I'd rather hear it from someone I know and trust than someone who gets paid to push a political agenda for a particular party.

And has anyone ever noticed...the news only covers negative stories? People getting killed, people getting robbed, people getting raped, etc. You know, people also save lives, give to the poor, overcome addiction, accept the Gospel, and so many other wonderful things on a daily basis. But you'll never hear about that on Fox News, CNN, Huffington Post, or The Blaze. Nope, all the journalism industry cares about is making people more and more cynical every day by highlighting all the bad going on in the world and ignoring all the good. And I refuse to be a part of it. It's an insult to our intelligence, yet so many of us remain glued to these channels for some reason.

I'll find out soon enough. I'll hear the main headlines through a friend of a friend of a friend eventually. But if there's nothing I can actively do to change things, I don't see the point in being the "first to know" and "in the loop."
I agree wholeheartedly. Nothing but lies and sensationalism. I don't support the media, either. Always negative, is right. Good for you! 馃憤
SilkenMist46-50, F
Sometimes I watch the news but I already know what it is going to be. The things you listed above.
The other day they were talking about covid cases in Antarctica (I can never spell that word right)
I was thinking, "Boy are they chomping at the bit now".

Some news thingy does include like a whole two minutes of some kind of good news. The other 58 minutes though - all negative.
RopinTexan31-35, M
@SilkenMist Covid cases in Antarctica?! That's freaking hilarious!!! 馃槀
uncalled456-60, M
There are standard laws in TV, including "it smells but it sells" and "if it bleeds, it leads". I can tell you for a fact that there are people who do care about making a real difference, but many more of them are under the impression that they're creating some kind of revolution.

Don't forget that broadcast news is not a public service and is paid for by ad time. They're showing you this sensational story so lots of people tune in and buy women's underwear and sausages.

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