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I Need To Rant

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If you wanna know the 'long story', I was there since EP and had good times but all changed when i met someone online who made me felt good and marked my life in ending 2012/beggining 2013. I met this girl on ep and she made me felt in love with her and she was there to talk to me, and shared her time with me and shared pictures and things like that and i kinda felt loved by a girl and i also felt in love with that woman online. and years passed and she also been on similarworlds too ; until i was able to make a new account on here and contacted her; I told her ' hey, remember me, we met on ep many years ago ' , and i wanted her to remember and start talking again, but then she simply blocked me ; then a day later she deleted completely her account and never returned anymore....

its kinda strange. It makes maybe 2-3 months since im here and she since deleted her account and never returned. And yes, i'd kinda like if she would return and allow me to talk to her because we met since EP, and she changed my life at that time, and im kinda still grateful to her for that.

By the way, i live in canada, and that woman was from pakistan. A very far away country and it didnt changed she did good for me and i still remember that and havent forgot her 'niceness'
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Aug 14, 2019
She may have had reasons... or not. Some people are jerks.
ZenKitty · 26-30, F
There could be a number of reasons..
1. She is from Pakistan..we all know inter racial relationship isn’t gonna work that easily.
2. She was here to time pass and flirt.
3. She has a different identity offline.

~~just my thought. If thats you on your profile pic I would say you are really handsome. Wishing you the best.
Isn't it the one you stalk and have stalked for years, and why you're banned from here, and keep being kicked out when you show up ? It's abusive of you showing her pics, and you have done the same on other sites like this one when ranting about your "love". You should seek professional help.

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I Need To Rant
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If you wanna know the 'long story', I wa... | I Need To Rant | Similar Worlds