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i have scars on my arms, sides, and thighs from all the cutting i have done over several years. its who i am. i have learned to accept me as i am but other ppl sometimes get freaked out when they see them. i wear alot of longsleeve running shirts that are cool but cover up my scars. miami isnt the easiest place to wear long sleeves ha. but im learning to just let ppl see them. ive been on the beach many times now without my shirt wearing just my board shorts and some ppl notice n say nothing and some ppl give me weird looks. rarely do they say anything about them. i have a friend that on here that convinced me to just show them off and that changed how i see them myself. i still cut but not as often, but when i do cut i usually make up for all the times i made myself stop.
you shouldnt be ashamed of your scars, im learning that slowly, but think of them as battle scars. something to be proud of. you survived all those bad times, each and every one has a deep meaning and you dealt with it and moved on to a new day. nobody will ever understand how or why we cut unless they have experienced it themselves and alot of ppl dont know what they are looking at when they do see them so dont be afraid to show them off. they prove you are a survivor and that you have overcome all the bad shit.
Iknowme · 26-30, M
Thanks :) :) and i really need to be comfortable with my scars i am unable to let peoples see my scars again who have seen them and i guess those are remainder of what i've been through
u still doo that
Iknowme · 26-30, M
not anymore Laura helped me out
Your story made me want to cry, but I'm glad to hear your not cutting yourself anymore. I know you can make it through. Your scars are proof of your experience and if you ever meet someone who is going through the same as you did, you can help them. Best wishes

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