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I Am Highy Interested In the Mysteries of the World

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Who Am I. Well some of you remember me from the great land of utopic paradise known as EP. The Experience Project. You know I have been getting a lot of requests lately. And its quite clear that people want me to start writing stories again. I wrote over 30 of them when I was at The Project, and yes, people still ask me about them to this very day. Am I going to write any new stories while I am here at I might. But don't expect me to be the same idealistic Zonus that I was at the other place. I would never even begin to violate that honor, as it would be very difficult for me to entertain that persona or alter ego again.
Make no mistake, I am every bit as delightful, insightful, and as spiritual as I have ever been in my entire life. I realize with age, comes wisdom and knowledge. Like wine, I will never good bad. The sword is sharper now. The blade much thicker. The things that use to scare me 4 years ago, doesn't scare me at all now. I have grown. Did I do some things there that I regret now. Nope.
So my behavior here alluring still, but more toned down. I don't wanna talk about my personal life here anymore. I DO NOT wanna talk about misery and pain.
I'd like to leave the door open though when it comes to politics. Because that's just me. And perhaps a little bit of things about other worldly events and religion. And practical or casual things. Yeah, that's what I said kids. It wont be boring. I swear. What you will get from me from now on, is a way more positive, and uplifting Zonus. No more bull. I'm gonna be extremely direct with you. No games. No funny stuff. If you like drama, then I suggest you had better keep on going the other way. I'm not tolerating it anymore. Okay. Now let's have some fun here folks. Are you ready for us to have a good time. Comments. Enjoy.
36-40, M
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Nov 16, 2016
Edited: 3 yrs ago
Aidan · 22-25, F
Don't remember you but cool. Have fun with stories
Zonuss · 36-40, M
Thank you. 🙂
Very well said. I'm just wondering what caused the change.
Zonuss · 36-40, M
Maturity. Nothing less, nothing more. Thank you. 🙂
@Zonuss: Yep. Very good indeed. I do remember you now.

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I Am Highy Interested In the Mysteries of the World
Stonehenge, The Great Pyramids, Atlantis, Nazca Lines, ect.
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