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I Have Been Blocked For No Reason

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Okay, I’ve posted in this group once already today, but as I’m now getting to responding to messages again, I have an even better one!!!

Him: hello
how are you?

Me: Fine. Just fantastic. How are you?

Him: good. How old are you?

(Me busy with other things and not responding to messages)

And...I’m blocked! 😂😂😂 This is fun! 😁
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Apr 29, 2019
Cowboybob · M
Sounds like you dodged a bullet there, Neo
[@389579,Cowboybob] That’s how I see it! Lucky me!
Lilnonames · F
Great im glad u like it i do too BLOCKED lol

Starchild1983 · 36-40, F
🙄 sounds about right unfortunately
seeandhear · M
Ah this online life is soooooo much fun!
seeandhear · M
[@589141,InvisibleGirl] That’s honestly quite sad and disturbing that she thinks you should only chat with her!
[@485959,seeandhear] I know! Must be really needy or something.
seeandhear · M
[@589141,InvisibleGirl] Ya think?!?
I think that same dude blocked me today too. He's so impatient lol
[@10788,PiecingMeBackTogether] People must reach their blocking limits really fast! Haha.
You sure got blocked a lot for being invisible. 😂
[@37506,jjoe01] My physical body is invisible. I can type. Notice how you see what I type, but you don’t see me?
xixgun · M
I have some younger girls asking my age. I tell them, “I’m old enough to be offended by the question”.
[@777164,xixgun] I only ask age if I’m asked.
xixgun · M
[@589141,InvisibleGirl] I don't think you should, even then.

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I Have Been Blocked For No Reason
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Okay, I’ve posted in this group once already today... | I Have Been Blocked For No Reason | Similar Worlds