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[b][center][big]First Grandma Marian Robinson to Receive Lifetime $160K Government Pension[/big][/center][/b]

[i]Here's why the Democrats love big government and higher they can spend it on themselves.[/i]

First Grandma Marian Robinson, 79, will receive a lifetime 160K government pension when she leaves the White House next year, according to congressional budget statements.

According to documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Mrs. Robinson earned the lifetime pension for “services rendered as full-time/in-home caregiver” for granddaughters Mal ia, 18, and Sasha, 15, during President Obama’s two terms in office.

In January of 2009, it was reported that Mrs. Robinson was living in the White House full-time to tend to her granddaughters.

[i][u][b]Critics say Mrs. Robinson should not profit from something as simple as taking care of family. Sally Kellner, volunteer/activist for the National Taxpayers Union, says this is a prime example of needless spending. “I think it’s ridiculous that taxpayers must pay this woman a lifetime salary for something everyday Americans do for free. We take care of our families because we love them, not for profit.”[/b][/u][/i]

When asked if Mrs. Robinson’s lifetime pension was justified, Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY), Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, declined to comment but said a special oversight committee would review all post-Obama Administration budgetary obligations.

Before her son-in-law became President of the United States, Mrs. Robinson had never been abroad. Now, after almost eight years of being the nation’s Grandmother-In-Chief, she’s a seasoned world traveler who has, accompanied by her granddaughters, been to Senegal, Tanzania, China and Italy, where she even met the Pope.
“She’s been the rock of the family,” says Obama family friend and biographer Peter Slevin. “It’s been a real blessing for the girls (Malia & Sasha) to have their grandma with them during these formative years,” he said.

Shortly after the 2008 presidential election, President Obama called Robinson “One of the unsung heroes” of his campaign, and said, “We couldn’t have done it without her.” First Lady Michelle Obama has said that if Robinson had not been available to step in and watch over the girls, Obama might never have launched his campaign.
[b]While holding no official job title, Mrs. Robinson likely qualified for her lifetime pension under the “optional” eligibility requirement for the Civil Service Retirement Act.[/b]
31-35, F
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Oct 28, 2016
carpediem · 61-69, M
I read this earlier today. It's ridiculous isn't it? But so many connected people get in line for this type of payoff. Disgusting.
Northwest · M
Lov2smile: Have you met a fake story, you did not love?

Save yourself some time. This is a fake story, attributed to the Boston Tribune, a FAKE web site.

Presidents, and their spouses (limited), receive a pension, but their parents do NOT.

Come on, really?
lov2smile · 31-35, F

You are so naive!
Northwest · M

[quote]You are so naive![/quote]

An opinion, just like your posts, and claims, pulled out of thin air.
lov2smile · 31-35, F

LOL You really, REALLY do make me laugh out loud!!!

Stop it....Stop it, I say....You silly man!! Hehehe

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