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I Hate Being Nagged
Shut Your Naghole And Leave Me The Fluck Alone Already...... Seriously. The worst way to get me to do anything is by nagging me to do it. It just starts putting me in a sour mood and I start putting off doing anything.

There's this watch I had in my closet. I had it for two years. My parents have gotten me a bunch of watches and I never understood why. I always told them how unnecessary it was, that they don't have to buy me watches. It's a waste of money. I mean, it's not like I wear watches but that's one thing they love buying me no matter how expensive; watches. I could built a fort with the watches. That's all I could do with them really. I don't use them or need them.

Well, they got this cheap watch two years ago and I never wore it and never had to so it wound up where all my junk goes: Way in the back at the bottom of my closet. I lost it two years ago but I always knew it was in my closet because every day at exactly 4:06 pm, it would beep for a minute and then stop. Every day for two years I would hear it beep. And during time changes, it would beep around 5:06 pm because the time on the watch would never change.

Well, a while ago I cleaned out my closet and I found that watch at the very bottom in the back. I dug it out and it was all dusty and crappy-looking now, but it still worked. And for months, I never heard that watch beep again. Never. Not at 4:06 pm nor at 5:06. It never beeped again. If it were still in my room, I would hear it. I know for a fact I didn't turn it off. So that can only mean one thing: I threw it away along with all the other junk I never used and didn't need. My parents had bought me more watches than I even needed the past two years anyway and I never used any of them. Why do I need this one?

Well, now my parents have been nagging me for days to find that black watch because I need it, blah blah blah...
I found all the other watches they gave me that I never used, but no. They want that black one. The one I threw away. Which I won't. Because it's long gone. And it no longer beeps between those hours in my room. Because it's no longer there. And they are nagging me five times a day each to find that watch. Which they bought for $3 at a Walmart.

Truth is, the more they nag, the longer I'm going to put off buying an exact replica of that damn watch and the more bitchy I'm going to get every time they bring up that cursed watch.

I swear if they buy me ONE more watch that I don't even need instead of something I DO urgently need...
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deadmoon · 26-30, F
I'm guessing you're the same? XD
fluck.. You took that from me didn't you?
deadmoon · 26-30, F
Ummm... No? :/
look through my stories, one will have something like 'girls are flucking evil' i thought i was making it up o.O
deadmoon · 26-30, F
And I thought I was making it up too. O.O

I actually haven't seen anything like that...
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I Hate Being Nagged
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