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Predict lottery through Probability Theory?

Here is a curious question for you mathematicians: Is it possible to predict a significant amount of lottery numbers (let's say 5 out of 6 so you win hundreds of thousands) using Probability Theory - or are the numbers truly so random they are really hard to predict? I would figure that perhaps using a combination of Probability Theory and Forecasting, a modest amount of success could be reached, if not a great amount.

I don't know if it's either been done already or if it's possible.
Repete61-69, M
Probability is just that probably not a definite and getting 5 out of six all at the same time , ina row is probably not going to happen often enough to say ( hey this system works , I鈥檓 going to be a billionaire, 馃帀 馃拑 )
whowasthatmaskedman61-69, M
There is one issue with your theory. (Aside from the obvious one that randomly generated numbers have no predictability and there is no reduction of odds as one is drawn. It can easily be drawn again, or not)
The problem no one thinks about is that lotteries have a percentage of the pool removed at the start. The whole pool is never going to be returned and that tilts the odds firmly against the player.
In short.. The House always wins..
[@621893,whowasthatmaskedman] if you have a bigger money pool then the casino then the odds are actually in your favor
[@16438,Coraline] Yep. : )
whowasthatmaskedman61-69, M
[@16438,Coraline] If you cant see the difference between only returning a percentage of the overall take to the winners, and one winner winning big, but the rest losing all, I cant help you. With any kind of lottery ticket you buy, you are not actually beying w real chance of wunning. You are actually buying a period of hope, where you might win.
a true random system is very hard to make in reality... but for all practical purposes in the universe it can be assumed to be truely random
[@469824,Existentior] its really great.. just maybe dont watch it with kids even though its 6+ rated
[@16438,Coraline] Thank goodness I don't have kids, lmao. I'll watch it tonight! : )
[@16438,Coraline] Mm, alright, so the movie Coraline is done. I think it was fun to watch and I think it has a few metaphors in it, such as: People on the outside pretend to be happy but they need someone authentic to fill their void facade. etc. That which is real is best.
And to always look out for yourself and others. And other metaphors.

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