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Starting to lose interest in 40k

The latest edition of warhammer 40k is so overcompetitive in it's design that it expects tournament level competitiveness in casual games. As a result, I've been looking into Horus Heresy and getting way more into Age of Sigmar, because both are more about narrative and fun respectively. While for Sigmar I've already got Lumineth, for 30k (Horus Heresy) I have 3 armies planned: Imperial Fists, Iron Warriors, and Word Bearers. The Fists are going to be 3000 points, while the other two are the same amount combined.

It's OK if nobody is interested in this stuff. Kind of remember why I left now...
Jessichaos · 22-25, F
Horus Heresy is both the way to go and super frustrating to do lol.

But Iron Warriors are so much fun,imo. They are my favorites. You just need to agree on no arty spam.
SW User
[@1121945,Jessichaos] I'm going with a Battle of Phall 'theme' with my Iron Warriors, so it's all void warfare and thus no arty. There is a squad of Tyrant Siege Terminators though. And two Iron Havoc squads, two tactical squads, two terminator squads with fists and combi-bolters, and Erasmus Golg (who coincidentally almost exactly matches the look and loadout of the plastic Cataphractii hero). They're 1500pts of Mk 3
NoodleDoodle · 18-21, F
never got into 40k but i like playing bloodbowl
SW User
[@880656,NoodleDoodle] blood bowl is fun, but the lack of a true high elf team in the latest incarnation has put me off a bit.

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