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I Would Like To Say Goodbye

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With sincerity, I'd like to tell everyone who knows me and everyone who read my stories that I will be committing suicide sometime in December 2016. I have $2000 in debt that I owe, and I have no way to pay it off. My Foster Mother and her boyfriend's family have mutilated my life since childhood, they never even gave me a chance to breathe, as they molested me and drugged me both intravenously and orally on and off throughout my life, to this day, and I am 30 years old, going on 31 in March of 2017.

Debt collectors have been threatening me and I haven't any means in paying my bills. I owe debt on three credit cards. For every Job I ever did have, my Foster Mother bullied me out of every penny I made to reward her boyfriend's family for raping me and drugging me while I'd had seizures. She made me fail at every job I ever did have by having these people sexually abuse me and drug me. I could not even pursue a proper education based on that fact that I fell asleep in every class in my real High School and in college. When I was put into special education for the rest of my High School life, upon being placed in the unit for attempted suicide, and being bullied in my real High School because of my Foster Mother's blood family from India, my Foster Mother's boyfriend's family drugged me less, being that they didn't want me to succeed and to look like a total handicap, after they drugged me into having a mental illness. Today, I'm so out of it that I suffer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and I have an undiagnosed disease in my body which causes me to be extremely impulsive. As cause of the disease, my pupils dilate and retract in medium light and I choke and cough after every single meal. They also drugged me with steroids and other nasty drugs, which drove me into dementia.

Upon receiving disability income, which my Foster Mother barred me from touching, she let her boyfriend's family take my ATM Card leading to the account with my disability money in it and they began to withdraw years upon years of the money, being that I'd gained only electronic access to the account from a statement in the mail. On the days my Foster Mother was home with me, the disability money was being withdrawn, based on the fact that I'd received an email in regards to the withdrawal, and my Foster Mother was the only one who had both physical and electronic access to my account, when no one else had. I then wondered how my money was being withdrawn on the days she was at home with me and she was the only one who had my ATM Card, when I never even held my ATM Card, solely in my name, in my own hands...

In May of this year, 2016, my Foster Mother had me arrested for "stealing from her" when she bullied me for every penny of my hard earnings to reward her boyfriend's family for mutilating me while I'm having seizures. It was a Grand Larceny charge pending against my name, which she'd eventually dropped.

As for finding jobs, no one would hire me since I lost my last one at the bank as a teller. That was the best Job I ever did have...and I lost it because my Foster Mother's boyfriend's family members took turns impregnating me while I was having seizures and on my third or fourth month into the pregnancy, they used a long, narrow, thin, sharp object to pierce my belly button and to kill the unborn fetus inside me. I was bleeding profusely while handling a transaction at the bank and mishandled the money. My Foster Mother's Indian family from India hack computers and I believe that they hacked not only my computer on that specific day at the bank, but while I was a cashier at a toy store, being that the Computers run on Windows and that my Computer always gave trouble, as it scanned things for prices like $6,028.48, when the item was only $5.99. This always happened at my computer, no other. Even my Customers were aware of these incidents while I'd worked at the Toy Store.

I do feel a lot of pain in my belly button and at times, I suffer severe cramps, unrelated to my menstrual cycle, being that they stabbed me in my belly button pushing the object far enough to rupture my internal organs.

To everyone who ever knew me; it was nice knowing you. I never had a life and I never will have a life. I wish you never knew me. I'm going to the grocery store and I am going to purchase two or three bottles of Ibuprofen with whatever little money I have left in my wallet, soon enough. I just wanted everyone to know that this marks the end of my life. This is it. This is definitely it. This is the end...

God bless you! Thank you.
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Evabraun · 22-25, F
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@Evabraun: and yes, I am going to kill should be terrorize my life every single day because of that whore. SNAP OUT OF THE PAST TENSE PRETENSE AND BE THANKFUL!
Evabraun · 22-25, F

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I Would Like To Say Goodbye
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With sincerity, I'd like to tell everyone who... | I Would Like To Say Goodbye | Similar Worlds