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I Have Lost a Sibling

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Not mine but my wife's.

He was my friend I didn't know she was his sister until we were going out. Our friendship got closer in that first year. He truly was becoming a brother to me.

Then one night he's laughing and joking his usual self. He went to bed and simply never woke up.

She was bereft. Lost. Defeated. I thought I'd lose her too. How she got through I'll never know, but years later she fought through seeing me in the worse of an addiction. A special woman that one, special indeed.

I can turn my head a fraction as I write this 36 years later and see that 21 year old smiling out from a picture frame. Oh I miss the years we didn't have together but value the one we did so highly.
51-55, M
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Jan 1, 2018
argav8331-35, M
The time that you did spend together, at the end it's all that matters. Life is uncertain but as good life is better than a long life.
Groot1936-40, F
Wow! The sweetest thing i read today! Bless both yall!
elspeth51-55, F
Omg, that's awful ...馃槚馃槗
You're right, your wife IS a special woman..!馃挅
FlyingHome46-50, F
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I Have Lost a Sibling
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Not mine but my wife's. He was my friend I ... | I Have Lost a Sibling | Similar Worlds