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I Am Tired Of The Mis-direction By The Mass Media

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Two days have already passed since the killings in NZ and media headlines are still full with news about it. However, when Christians are slaughtered in Nigeria, Philippines or Egypt, it is hardly reported and discussed.

And yet some still talk about media anti-Islam bias 馃槃. It is obvious which side media are and which beliefs they stand for and against.
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Mar 17, 2019
During the 1980s many countries lost control of media outlets like news and current affairs due to transmission legalities and the switch from nationalised terrestial broadcasting control and the advent of cable and satellite broadcasting which was on the whole privately funded. Media is now solely a money making opportunity and as little respect for balanced and fair representation.
Bushranger61-69, M
When any religious or ethnic group is attacked in developing countries, it is rare for the western media to report it. It's not restricted to Christians.
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Lugubrio51-55, M
I think you have the bias in the wrong context. I constantly see similar comments about anti muslim bias in the media. Whenever there is a terrorist attack in Europe we get similar coverage to the New Zealans attack, but attacks in Africa or Asia get no coverage. One example is March 2004. The attacks in Madrid had saturation news coverage. The attacks at Ashura in Iraq, where 178 people were killed a weel before was hardly mentioned. I think media bias is more in favour of what they think their readers and viewers are interested in.
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I Am Tired Of The Mis-direction By The Mass Media
Don't believe everything you see on T.V. or newspaper, All Main stream media is slanted to fit an agenda
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