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Quick response from the universe

I just had a synchronistic moment when I was meditating. I have been feeling off about where a relationship was going, feeling like she wasn’t putting in effort after an issue we had.

At the beginning of the meditation I was set on ending it. Part of me felt like this was a reaction to my feelings and in an effort to not being controlled by my feelings I decided to let it go and just not try as much until I saw something from her.

When I sat up from my meditation I had a message from her saying she was sorry about pulling away from me because of our fight.

I’m going to take it as a message to just let things be at the moment and not make any final decisions.
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brokensignal · 41-45, M
That sounds like a healthy way to approach it ...One thing I noticed, I think sometimes we have a tendency to try to punish by using a similar tactic when someone hurts us. I think that creates this competitive pain thing where we try to show someone how we feel by using what they do to us back on them... But maybe the more helpful thing would be to just come clean and talk straight about how we're feeling--- Using I statements like ...When you do this... I feel like this ... etc... It is interesting how you set an intention in the meditation and instead you manifested an entirely different result than originally planned. Is there a way to just talk to her without any mask and say how you really feel?
Contemplative · 31-35, M
[@469717,brokensignal] I definitely notice that tendency in myself sometimes. I came clean a few days ago about how I was withdrawing for that reason. I was feeling the pain of her doing it back to me. We had a game of hot potato going back and fourth

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