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I Hate My Life Right Now

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No one in my family understands me. We are as different as different can be. Exact opposites. They are christians, republicans, gun loving nut jobs. They only care about themselves and what others can do for them. They talk behind my back, to my face call me ignorant and crazy, and nuts. I would run away or kill myself if it wasn't for my three young children. I wouldn't do that to them, but how can I live like this? I'm married, but still so alone. I have no one who understands me or will listen to me. I have no friends. I have no one but a 10, 3 , and 1 year old!
41-45, F
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Dec 7, 2013
It is your unfolding and no one else.
Follow your heart it will guide you.
You don’t have to fit the mould of some one else’s thinking.

Read as much as you can on spirit.
Do good deeds where you can, as this is the best experience for the soul as it finds its way.

Let the compliments stick and let the insults glide off.
The love that surrounds us will flow though you.
Know the self from the mind.
Let the self be
Let the universal self flow

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I Hate My Life Right Now
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No one in my family understands me. We are as dif... | I Hate My Life Right Now | Similar Worlds