I Nearly Died
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I survived

In late February this year, I started off with what I thought was a cold, just coughing, bit of breathlessness and a headache... little did I know that in the 6th of March I’d be coughing up blood, not being able to breathe and being in hospital with a heart rate of 158.... to this day I am still sick with how my blood clots nearly finished my then 20 years on this earth but I am so thankful the NHS made it so I saw my 21st birthday and helped me regain the will to carry on fighting ❤️[image deleted]
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I'm glad you're okay.
RememberMe · 18-21, F
[@998562,SinlessOnslaught] thank you 🥰
KJTinkles · F
So glad your ok 🤗
RememberMe · 18-21, F
Thank you [@920408,AngelofSparkles]
I am happy to see you coming out as a winner. You are an inspiration for others. Keep that spirit in yourself, and help others to have it too.
RememberMe · 18-21, F
[@657449,ABCDEF7] thank you so much ❤️
[@71322,RememberMe] Best Wishes 🙂
How are you now?
RememberMe · 18-21, F
[@15458,Usedtohaveanoffensiveusername] I still struggle a lot but doing better
I love the NHS
nevergiveup · 61-69, M
you are young fit and you will beat this.
Wayne1170 · M
Your strong survivor
Pdad49 · M
Glad you are ok!
wheels1972 · M
so glad you made it through that, well done,as a person with a ton of health issues i just wanted you to know, you can do it. x
Outdoorfreedom · 51-55, M
Awe poor girl. So glad you're getting better.

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